Set Up A New Language

The Anveo Mobile App is multi-language capable. There are different types of translations you have to configure to be able to use the Anveo Mobile App in a different users language.

Text in the Anveo Mobile App is based on different data sources. Depending on the data source, a translation has to be set-up in several places.

Table Captions From Dynamics NAV Table

All captions from tables are used automatically if you have set-up users language in your Anveo User. It is required to have captions set-up in your tables and a Dynamics license to read that language.

Anveo Text Constants

Anveo has database related text constants like LOGOUT or LASTSYNC = Last Synchronisation. You can create a new language in the Anveo Set-Up and create translations for the text constants in the Multilanguage Text Constants Page.

You may also export the text constants to excel, translate them there and reimport them back to Dynamics. The actions to do that can be found on the Anveo Set-Up and Multilanguage Text Constants Page.

Note: If you only use Anveo Mobile App, filter on field on Yes to reduce the number of text constants.

Translations in Anveo Pages and Main Menus

Menu entries, individual fields and buttons also have translations in the Anveo Page or Main Menu configuration. You can either walk through all your Anveo Page and Menu objects or open the Multilanguage Page and create a new language based on your existing default language. This way you can walk through all translations that you have in place.

Activate Your New Language

Allow your new language in the Page Anveo Setup – Tab Language Filter. Example: ENU|DEU allows English (USA) and German (Germany).

Set User Language

Set new language in your Anveo User. Recreate your SQL Scripts and initialize or do a complete reload of your local device database.