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Synchronization Management

In Anveo Mobile App, you will find a button on every screen to start a synchronization with . Default behavior is to run a full synchronization.
However, in some situations you will need a better control of the synchronization behavior. To define your ruleset based on Anveo Script, add an Action Code to the user’s main menu, field OnSyncAction. If the Action Code is set, a synchronization will be started by using the Anveo Script command SYNC_DB.
This feature allows a very flexible definition of your synchronization behavior that we descibe on our website. Please find the examples in Action Code SYNC_MGMT.

If you have made a syntax error in your OnSync-Action Code, you will not be able to run a synchronization using the synchronization button any more. To solve this situation, go to the sub menu of the user’s main menu on the Anveo Mobile App, select Synchronization and start a manual, full synchronization from here. This button is always available and will always start a full synchronization.