Task Processing

Task Processing Safe Mode

Dynamics processes data tasks received from Anveo Mobile App in the order of the tasks entry no. In case of an error, the current task gets marked with the status Processed Error. If Task Processing Safe Mode is active, it prevents processing of any further data tasks for the device in Dynamics until the error gets reviewed. The app user will get a notification, informing him/her about this. After reviewing the task, it can either be processed manually if the issue that caused the error was resolved or it can be set to Error Checked if the error should be ignored.

Figure 5.2: Manually mark error messages as approved to continue processing.

An advantage of this safe mode is a guaranteed processing of all incoming data including avoiding subsequent errors. Be aware to quickly check and solve errors as the user will not be able to receive updates until all errors are successfully checked. If a check process takes too long, the user will be not be able to work with updated information from Dynamics. However, the user is able to continue its work with the local database.

If an already initialized device sends a new initialization request to Dynamics and the Task Processing Safe Mode is active, data tasks for this device are checked for unprocessed tasks or unreviewed errors. If such tasks are found, all data for this device will be saved for manual review and processing to prevent any loss of data.

Activate/deactivate Task Processing Safe Mode

You can activate Task Processing Safe Mode in Anveo Client Suite Setup in the Mobile Apps tab. The Task Processing Safe mode can also be activated in the Anveo User on a user level. This can be done in the tab synchronization.

Task Processing Retries

To handle occasional problems during processing of receiving tasks like locked tables, tasks which were processed with an error, will be processed again until it was successful or the defined number of retries was reached. This value is configured by Task Processing Retries. Dynamics will wait between retries for a defined number of milliseconds, which can be set via  Task Processing Retries. Dynamicss independently from Task Processing Safe Mode.

Figure 5.3: Automatic retry on incoming data processing

You can activate Task Processing Retries in Anveo Client Suite Setup.