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Virtual Tables and Fields

Using virtual tables and fields you can create local data structures for Anveo Mobile App without any changes to your Dynamics tables. These virtual data structures empower you to build app-only processes. Data stored in these tables and fields will not be send to Dynamics in a synchronisation process.

There are two variants of virtual data structures: First, you can add virtual fields to an existing table of Dynamics. Second, you can create your own virtual tables and fields without any table structure of Dynamics.

Add a Virtual Field to a Dynamics Table

Create a new virtual table and connect it to your existing Dynamics table. The table name of your Dynamics table will be automatically used as the virtual table name and must be identical. Simply add a new line and enter the table number in the right column.

Create a new virtual table with a connected Dynamics table.

In the field definition of your virtual table, you can now add virtual fields. Anveo Mobile App uses the field name as a identifier. Please make sure it is unique and is not defined as a field name in your Dynamics table.

Create a new field in your virtual table

Create a new Virtual Table

If you want to create of a new virtual table that is not connected to a Dynamics table, simply keep the table number on 0. Please define at least your primary key.

Use your virtual data structures in your Synchronization Packages

You can simply add virtual tables and fields to your Synchronization Packages. Leave the table and field numbers empty and use the virtual table name / virtual field name fields.