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Virtual tables / Variables

In addition to all tables available in Dynamics, you can also set up Anveo Pages based on Virtual Tables. The fields in Virtual Tables can be used as variables, for example to show return values of functions on the graphic user interface. Like variables in Dynamics, each field of a Virtual Tables has a unique identifier and a data type.

You may link Virtual Tables with real tables in Dynamics. If such a link exists, it can map the fields of the Virtual Tables corresponding to the fields of the real table.

Virtual Tables can be set up in the menu of the Anveo Client Suite in Dynamics on page Virtual Tables.

Each Virtual table can be associated with a visibility. Using the visibility you can set the range of a variable, e.g. whether the value is to be used globally for all users, only one user, only on the current Anveo Page or only on the current Anveo Page Element. Visibility Read Only can be used if the field of the virtual table is only a variable or a return value that has to be displayed only on the graphic user interface.

Applications of virtual tables

An incorrectly set visibility can cause the display of a wrong or no value.

All data of the virtual tables are saved in the table ACF Virtual Data. However, you should never directly access this data. Please use the functions codeunit ACF Virtual Data to access the data instead.