Health Check

Settings can be checked for the presence of incorrect data with the help of the Health Check so that the consistency of the Anveo Client Suite setup can be ensured in a simple way. You receive notifications which enable you to rectify warnings or errors. To start a Health Check, click on the menu item Health Check on the Anveo Client Suite main menu.

Depending on what kind of notice you receive, various actions are required:


No action required. This line serves solely for informational purposes.


This line points out potential problems, for instance performance constraints due to certain settings, for example an activated log for an Anveo User.


This line should be urgently rectified in order to maintain consistency and fix potential errors of the Anveo Client Suite.

If reference is being made to a record in a message, this record is displayed in the Record column. In some types of records the appropriate page toward solving the problem can be opened directly via the Assist Edit button […].

The Health Check also provides a detailed communication and version test of all Anveo Client Suite components. It is a valuable analysis tool to easily find configuration issues. In case of any issues, the Health Check will also offer a link to Anveo’s Knowledge Base providing solutions.