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Multilingual System Dialogs

In the setup Multilanguage Text Constants text constants can be entered various system messages for different languages. The available codes are  partially fixed; The codes of all text constants of type User Interface should not be changed because they are provided for messages and functions within the Anveo Client Suite.

There is the type Anveo Script for text constants used within the Anveo Mobile App. Text constants of this type can be used with the function GETTEXT from Anveo Script.

A new language can be installed using function Create new language from default language. All of the existing text constants from the default language are copied into the newly chosen language thereby and can be adapted manually.

Dynamics is conceived for using multiple languages. The Anveo Client Suite is equally completely capable of multilingualism and supports all multilingual definitions, whether stemming from field captions or from text constants, for example. When a language is chosen, all of the menu items, names, designations, messages etc. appear in the respective language.

In Dynamics, however, the error message for the function TESTFIELD appears in the default language of Dynamics, not in the language you have chosen. This is a bug in Dynamics Web Service, not any constraint posed by Anveo Client Suite. Until the problem is solved by Microsoft the TESTFIELD function is to be replaced by a test that displays an ERROR message when an error occurs.

Importing And Exporting Data And Settings

Using the Function button on the page Anveo Client Suite Setup you have the possibility to import and export both settings and data from Anveo Client Suite (for example Anveo Pages, Anveo Users etc.). If you try to to import data or settings which already exist, they will be overwritten as a default. One exception to this are the menus: existing data are not overwritten.