Anveo Page Properties

Further editing of an Anveo Page is done on the Anveo Page card, that contains the following tabs:


On the tab General are all properties you have seen on the overview of all Anveo Pages (see here). By clicking on the assist-edit-button […] at the field Description you can add language specific descriptions of the Anveo Page.

Note that showing field contents in the description works only for fields on Anveo Pages that are visible or hidden.


Here you can see detailed informations about the usage of an Anveo Page.

At this point it is not possible to see in which action codes the Anveo Page is used. This is because of the missing possibility of Dynamics to read C/AL code automatically. That means it is possible to call an Anveo Page via C/AL code without any usage displayed.


In the list of Elements you can see all Anveo Page Elements defined on that Anveo Page. For further informations regarding Anveo Page Elements see here

Mobile App

Here it is possible to define which action codes should be executed on opening the Anveo Page OnOpenPage and on closing the Anveo Page OnClosePage. Additionally, you can define the symbol and the color of the Anveo Page title.