On the Icon List you can find all the standard icons available to be display on main menu tiles or buttons. The pre-defined Anveo Mobile iconset is:

You can also add custom icons to the icon list. For each OS a seperate icon will need to be uploaded to a BLOB field in the icon table. The file to be uploaded needs to have the .png format. The used PNGs might be unicolor, colored and transparent.

Only new or changed icons will be transferred to the app upon synchronization.

To transfer custom icons to the mobile device upon synchronization the ACF Icon table needs to be added to the synchronization package. See here how to do that.

You may also replace standard icons with your own ones. The standard icons will remain saved in the app and will not be lost.

The ACF Icon list page has the following properties: 


The Description field is a text field of length 30 and the primary key for the table.

Custom Icon

Defines if the icon has been customized or uploaded 

Coloring Disabled

Disables the coloring options on the icon. If coloring is enabled and a color is defined all colors of multi color icons will be replaced.

Windows 30px White

Indicates if a small icon has been uploaded for Windows. The standard coloring of the icon is white and this icon will be used in list and card pages.

Android Windows 512px White

Indicates if an icon has been uploaded for Android / Windows. The standard coloring of the icon is white. For Windows OS this icon will only be used on the main menu, Android uses this icon on all pages.

iOS 150px Black

Indicates if an icon has been uploaded for Android / Windows. The color standard coloring of the icon is black.

Please note that icons will not be scaled. An upload of high resolution icons will increase the synchronization time when being transferred to the device and may increase the loading time of pages.