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Checklist Template Line Actions

List The list provides an overview of the configured checklist template lines. Here, the most important information (description, type, data type, etc.) is listed. Move Up Moves the selected checklist template line up. Move...

Checklist Template Lines

The checklist template lines define the individual items that can be addressed in a checklist. The setup options are group as follows.

Checklist Template Actions

The following actions are available from a checklist template: New Template Line Creates a new checklist template line and opens the checklist template line page for editing. Activate Sets the status of the current...

Checklist Template Fields

The following fields are used to define the : Part of the primary key. The will only be available on the Anveo Mobile App identified by this . Part of the primary key. Unique...

Create a Checklist Template

The checklist templates are defined in Dynamics. When a checklist needs to be filled out, it is created as a checklist from the checklist template. The following setup options are available for checklist templates:


void MESSAGE(‘Message text’);Example:MESSAGE(‘Just to let you know.’); Displays an info message.


void ERROR(‘Error text’);Example:ERROR(‘This doesn’t work out.’); Displays an error message. All open transactions are rolled back.


boolean CONFIRM(‘Question?’);Example:if CONFIRM(‘Are you sure?’) then … This displays a confirmation dialogue. The user will be asked to select “yes” or “no” before continuing.


The following commands can be used to display a message box or a confirmation dialogue:

Filling out checklists in Dynamics

To fill out a checklist template in Dynamics, the action “Fill out checklist” is available. This action opens a lookup page, if a table link exists and is set up accordingly, where the record...