Anveo EDI Connect Features

Productive in perfect interaction with Microsoft Dynamics

Anveo EDI Connect has been designed specifically and exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics. This allows a unique flexibility with a wide function range for your current and future EDI requirements. Save valuable time in connecting your business partners.


Tailored to your exact requirements

Setup of EDI Mappings

The Anveo EDI mapping takes place in Windows Client (RTC or Classic Client) and defines the flow of data from source to destination. As source and target can be a wide variety of data formats, such as tables in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) or external formats such as text/CSV, XML, EDIFACT, X12 and more. By mouse click the fields are connected and thus defines the data flow.

Anveo EDI Converter

The converter is the heart for reading and generating external data formats. This is defined by EDI mapping all the fields exported in the various file formats or imported from external files. The Anveo EDI Connect converter is fully implemented in Microsoft Dynamics and does not require third-party software to process more complex formats such as EDIFACT or X12 – these can be directly read or generated.

Data Communication

The communications component ensures the transfer of data as it is directly read and written to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables as well as local files and files on network drives. The Anveo add in also supports directly within Dynamics the protocols FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and email (POP3/SMTP). The X400 system mailbox can be accessed via one of these protocols, plus a voice mail service.


In the entire solution, there are interfaces in AL- and C/AL-code for customization and extension. So Anveo EDI Connect can be added with own codeunits or functions for data processing as well as to new file formats or communication channels.

EDI Data Flow Easily Defined

The Anveo EDI Connect Mapping

The assignment of the data source to the destination is done at the field level in Anveo EDI Connect mapping. With a mouse click tables and fields of the source and destination are selected and connected. The mappings are organized in projects and can be applied either single-stage (NAV to target format) or two stages (original NAV table > export table > target format).

Hierarchical Structure

The data structure of the Dynamics internal and external formats is clearly displayed as a hierarchical tree. It is possible to easily define loops and shortcuts such as sales header to sales line: Each record of a sales header passes with appropriate filters all sales lines – similar like reports and XML port in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision).

Filter and Data Checks

Each loop level or each field contains properties to comply with the data format. Flexible filters and validators can be defined as mandatory, optional fields, static or dynamic filter – on request with access to your own AL- and C/AL-functions to determine the filter conditions.

Data Translations

For situations where the source field and destination fields require differing formats we can store the translation requirements in a standard EDI mapping table. Typical examples are transforming units (PCS vs. PIECES) and country code (EN vs. ENU).

Our Useful Tools Make Your Work Easy

Assistant to Generate the Mapping Structure

Save time by getting an XML, EDIFACT or X12 sample file and read it with the Anveo EDI Connect Assistant. The data format structure is automatically generated in Anveo EDI Connect mapping. By assigning all fields with just a few clicks, the entire core EDI mapping can be completed.

Test Exports and Debugger

In the design process, detailed testing and rapid fault analysis are essential for good progress. Via the menu, you can always perform a text export from the menu, in order to check the current status and set breakpoints as in the Microsoft Dynamics development environment. Use the Anveo EDI Connect Debugger to analyze the current data, and go step by step through the data conversion process.

Anveo Managed File Transfer – MFT

For the automatic data exchange in BC Online (Public Cloud / Software as a Service), a communication handler is required. This can either be developed in-house or you can use the Anveo Managed File Transfer. More information about Anveo MFT can be found here.

Anveo Managed File Transfer

EDI Data Formats

Support of almost all message types and EDI formats
EDI Company Partners

There are several commonly used data formats for data interchange between business partners. A lot of them are text based formats combined with a description of their usage. We will give you an overview over some commonly used formats that are supported by Anveo EDI Connect. Even if a data format is missing in our list we probably have a way to support it in Anveo EDI Connect. Feel free to contact us.

File-based and message-based communication

There are two variants to send EDI data. One is to send files to the business partner, the other one is to send messages. The difference between file based and message based data transfer is the metadata provided with the transmission.

File Based

For file-based communication, the file name is used as identification. Usually there is no transmitter and receiver in the file transfer level visible. The content, sender etc. must be recognized via the path or file name. A pre-processing may be required, which allows on the content of the file, an allocation to the appropriate mapping.

Message Based

In the message-based communication, the sender and receiver are usually obvious. The user data are sent as messages or via file attachment. It is possible to send multiple files in a message. An allocation to mappings is possible via the communication data.

Communication Protocols

Anveo EDI Connect offers various communication components that exchange files with EDI partners. Depending on the Dynamics version and infrastructure (On-Premises or BC Online), either our Managed File Transfer (MFT) SaaS solution comes into play, local add-ins or a Local/OnPremises – File Transfer solution. The MFT solution is available separately to the EDI license as a Software as a Service solution – see license models and prices.

The protocols mentioned on this page are supported by almost all communication partners. However, there may be technical limitations in some cases, so some may not be able to communicate directly with these services. To be on the safe side, we offer free test licenses to check compatibility in advance. In most cases, we can establish compatibility after speaking with the communication partner. If this is not successful, we can show you alternatives. You will then continue to benefit from the existing Anveo EDI Connect services, such as the Role Center and the converters. The solution can also be extended with your own communication components. This can also be used to support other protocols.


EDI for all areas and industries


EDI is perfectly suited for typical processes such as orders (ORDERS), invoices (INVOIC), credit notes, shipping notifications (DESADV) as well as the exchange of master data including article data (PRICAT), availabilities and prices. This also includes other areas of application such as sales data (SLSRPT, INVRPT) or payment advices (REMADV).


Transfer within your company internal data from one location to another or inter-company, such as financial information or items. Even a direct transformation of internal Dynamics tables is possible. This allows a separation of import / export and processing of incoming and outgoing EDI messages for better traceability.


Improved business relationships through automated processes with partner companies.


Exchange of data such as order handling, availability, order confirmations and delivery notes. Take advantage of vendor information for planning the receipts and simplify the processes in the warehouse.

For whom has Anveo EDI Connect been designed?

Microsoft Dynamics users

Anveo EDI Connect is optimized for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision) for their operations. Almost all processes can be automated with your business partners using EDI with EDI Anveo Connect. The Anveo EDI Connect solution can either be set and managed by yourself or you can pass this set-up to your Microsoft Dynamics partner. At your request and with the approval by your Dynamics partner, we like to offer installation and setup for you directly. You have the choice: You decide on the distribution of tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics partners

By indirect sales concept of Microsoft, so called Microsoft Partner with ERP competences take care of the Dynamics 365 BC / Dynamics NAV installations. Anveo EDI Connect is designed for the set-up by a Dynamics partner without the need of our services in projects. This gives you the possibility to offer a universal EDI Connect solution for various customer requirements. The services such as installation and setup can be provided as a partner either from your team or be handed over at the request as a service to us. So you can benefit from a flexible design of your customer relationship.

Communication partners

With Anveo EDI Connect, our customers worldwide have already successfully connected many communication partners from various industries.























Universal Music Group

Sony Music



and many more…


GC Gruppe


and many more…






and many more…


Procter & Gamble


and many more…




Trans Service Team


and many more…


and many more…

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