New Anveo EDI Connect version available

The complete automation of business processes is a fundamental component to increase efficiency within the company. Electronic data interchange (EDI) between business partners provides enormous potential for this purpose: By eliminating media breaks on paper or PDF documents a lot of time and costs will be saved on both sides, such as exchanging orders, invoices and item data.

Also new and more detailed information can be provided, such as delivery notes for the receipt planning facility in the warehouse or detailed sales reports – all in real time.


Beloved EDI projects?

Even if these visions sound nice, EDI projects are not very popular usually. EDI is a very technical and dry subject. The projects required a lot of time, which is simply caused by too many parties that are involved.

Let us count:

  • Decision makers of EDI sender and recipient,
  • IT-managers,
  • IT service provider, if required
  • as well as operators of third party software (EDIFACT-) converter software
  • and also a mailbox provider.

This is almost a guarantee of long project lead times using conventional solutions.


Bring efficiency to your EDI projects

At this point you can achieve a rapid implementation of EDI projects by reducing the involved parties as far as possible.

By this you can speed up the development to very short cycles.

Too many parties are involved in the range of technical planning, implementation and belated modifications. There is a big potential for optimization.


Everything in Dynamics NAV

You do not have to use external service providers and third-party software: Anveo EDI Connect is a complete EDI solution in a familiar environment – the Windows Client of Dynamics NAV (or Role-Tailored Client / Classic Client – depending on the version):

  • Set up of data flow in Dynamics NAV
  • Export and import of data directly into EDIFACT, XML, X12, text and CSV.
  • Automatic creation of file structure using the Anveo EDI Assistant.
  • Data transfer by file, e-mail, FTP, SFTP, etc.
  • EDI control center.
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