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The Anveo Mobile App is 100% integrated in your Dynamics and represents your business processes on a mobile device. Easily create your individual App directly in your Dynamics – without any programming knowledge needed. Thanks to the toolkit character of the solution, the configurable user interface, and the extensive features, you can flexibly tailor the App to fit your particular requirements.


Tailored to your exact requirements
Three devices with the Anveo Service App

Flexibly customizable

Design your Anveo Mobile App with just a few clicks. Pages and menus, fields and tables, script and design – everything can be easily configured in Dynamics. Our team is here to support you, with their years of project experience in implementation, if needed. The result: an interface that is exactly tailored to your processes, enabling intuitive operation and a more efficient team.

Your design – Your colors – Your branding

Customize the logo and color scheme of the Anveo Mobile App with just a few clicks: simply define the desired layout in your Dynamics Client, and the App will appear in your corporate design. The main menu design is just as flexible: colors and formatting can be either fixed or dynamic, based on defined data. For example, highlight overdue tasks in red or archived information in grey.

Item list - Light Theme
Item list - Color Theme
Item list - Dark Theme


The graphic interface of the Anveo Mobile App can of course be fitted to your tastes. Five different themes are available standard for the App, to allow for quick customization. With version 11 and higher, you can also select specific colors for each field directly in the Dynamics client. These changes are available to users immediately after synchronization.

Define your own business processes

In this video, we show you how easy it is to configure the Anveo Mobile App: simply select the desired fields in your Dynamics Client, and they will be available on the App. This is how the entire interface can be customized with just a few clicks.

Custom tables and fields

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Dynamics NAV impress with their ease of customization – the Anveo Mobile App follows this concept: even your own, unique data structures such as tables and fields can be integrated into the App, including those in the 50,000 range. Simply select the custom fields!

Individual processes with Anveo Script

Your individual Dynamics business processes can be easily displayed using Anveo Script: an AL- and C/AL-like script language optimized specifically for the App. It’s easy to add wizards, individual price calculations, or other programming to the App, making Anveo a powerful tool for your team.

An App for all Dynamics versions

Of course Anveo is compatible with the current version of Dynamics 365 Business Central, but we also support previous versions, starting with Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. With a purely technical update of the application objects, you can even use Anveo starting with NAVISION version 3.6 and higher.

Android, iOS or Windows

You love your laptop, smartphone, and tablet? So do we! But maybe one colleague prefers iOS, another likes Android, and the last uses Windows. We offer an app for all three systems, adapted to the look of the respective system – so you can work efficiently in a familiar environment. With a single setup you can use your App on all three systems, each automatically configured to match the layout of the operating system.

Responsive on all display sizes

There is no need to worry about the device you use for the Anveo Mobile App. The layout is complete responsive, so that the contents of the App automatically adapt to the device. Whether on a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone, the display is always optimized for the respective screen size. This saves you a lot of time during setup as compared to other solutions – such as Microsoft PowerApps.

Offline capable – work seamlessly, even without an internet connection

The completely offline capable app for Dynamics

The Anveo Mobile App is completely offline capable. In addition to the data, the business logic is also stored on the device, which allows you to work unrestricted with the App, regardless of scenario. For example, create sales orders with local price calculations and temporary document numbers, even without an internet connection.

What is offline capability?

Offline capability is a function that our customers frequently ask for and require. Local storage of data and business logic is necessary if you want to guarantee the ability to work even without an internet connection. With a natively offline capable app, data is stored on the device, which means that even if there is no connection to the server, all functions are still available to the user. Seamless processing, anytime and anywhere, is possible with the Anveo Mobile App.

Mobile Apps such as Microsoft PowerApps, which are designed as purely online solutions, can also be used offline but only after a lot of additional programming. However, the data exchange and maximum number of locally stored data sets are severely limited and restrict the ability to work fluidly. For more information: Microsoft PowerApps and Anveo Mobile App Solution Comparison.

Slow connections or spotty coverage

Why is offline capability so important?

If there is a direct internet connection to Dynamics, then all mobile data can be retrieved directly from the central server. In theory, this eliminates the need to store data locally in the app. In practice, however, a very stable and fast internet connection is required for seamless processing without delays. The smallest interruptions in the connection affect performance immensely, and there is no guarantee of sufficient network coverage.

Don’t mobile networks have complete coverage?

Mobile networks are constantly being expanded, with a huge investment – won’t an online-only connection be sufficient at some point? The answer here is a clear “no”. Networks are getting faster, but existing gaps are rarely closed. This is because, in general, existing cell towers are reused and new technology is added. This means that the data transmission speed is improved, but not the network coverage. Concrete buildings and service rooms will still not offer good, if any, internet access in the future.

Only an offline-capable app ensures that your employees can always work reliably on site at customer appointments, regardless of network coverage.

Various types of offline capability

There are different types of offline capability – the simplest, most commonly used type of limited offline capability stores selected data in a local cache so that information can still be retrieved, at least in read-only mode. However, such an app is not able to receive and process new information, or only to a limited extent. For example: item information can be retrieved and new order lines can be created. However, price calculation would only be available online because the business processes are too complex for the app, as is the case with Microsoft PowerApps.

Service Technician with Anveo Service App

Synchronisation with Dynamics

Complete offline capability provides the user with an App that is always available and reliable. Data is transferred to Dynamics via synchronization. The data is synchronized between the App and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Microsoft Dynamics NAV and both sides are updated.

The synchronization runs in the background, so you don’t have to worry about updates. You define in advance what, when, and how often synchronization takes place based on your individual needs. Since all data and business processes are located on the device, you can fully concentrate on your work, regardless of whether the next synchronization is scheduled to take place when you have full network coverage.


Speed is a key factor in success

A rapid start

Speed is just as crucial a factor as technology. With Anveo, this applies in all areas:

Quick setup –  configuration of the App is done directly in your familiar Dynamics environment. New and changing requirements can be easily implemented.

Out of the box ready – our base Apps for Sales, Service, and Delivery are pre-configured with the key functions. Additional requirements can be easily added to the basic framework.

Fast menu navigation – complete an order on the App with just a few clicks. The user friendly interface guides you quickly to your goal and saves valuable time.

Rapid synchronization – benefit from higher quality data. Background synchronization means your data is always up to date – both on the mobile device and in your back office.

Speedy installation and setup

Test our App on your own device. Download the Anveo Mobile Demo App for Dynamics and discover the features for yourself. An experience is worth more then a thousand words! After the initial trial on your device, we recommend evaluating the solution with your own data. Our Quick Start Package can help you and your team. It offers the easiest start in your Anveo Mobile Project, and with very little initial effort, you will discover that our Dynamics App is the right fit for your needs.

Simple structure – Perfect usability

The usability of mobile applications is a critical factor for user acceptance. Smaller device displays and a lack of additional external devices means you need an intelligent user interface and clearly legible menus.

We have developed our Dynamics App continuously for the last 10 years. Of course, we use our experience from numerous projects and customer requests to build a simpler and more user-friendly Anveo Mobile App. Our App is designed to be intuitive to use, without any long additional training time.

Simple structure – Perfect usability

The usability of mobile applications is a critical factor for user acceptance. Smaller device displays and a lack of additional external devices means you need an intelligent user interface and clearly legible menus.

We have developed our Dynamics App continuously for the last 10 years. Of course, we use our experience from numerous projects and customer requests to build a simpler and more user-friendly Anveo Mobile App. Our App is designed to be intuitive to use, without any long additional training time.

Sales App – Base App for your sales team

Connect your sales team to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV while on the road. The Anveo Sales App offers pre-configured processes that make your field sales team’s job easier: customer details and history, item information for sales presentations, quote and order placement on a mobile device, and structured meeting reports.

Further functions and individual business processes can be easily configured directly in Dynamics with the Anveo App Builder. Create your own individual App with very little effort!

Anveo Mobile Sales App Main Menu

Service App – Base App for your field service

Support your service technicians in their daily work by digitizing processes and tasks. Anveo has extended the standard Service Module in Dynamics with special “service tasks”. When creating a service order, your office staff can define extended service tasks and send these to the service technician’s mobile device. The technician can then process their tasks onvsite in a structured manner.

Anveo offers pre-configured functions such as automatic time tracking, service items details, checklists, and digital signatures.

Service App Main Menu

Delivery App – Base App for your deliveries

Digitize your delivery processes with the Anveo Mobile App: send all relevant data on items, recipients, and routes from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV to a delivery person’s mobile device. Delivery can be confirmed by the recipient with a digital signature, and discrepancy in quantities noted. Photo documentation of damages can also be added.

Synchronization between the App with Microsoft Dynamics means that both the driver and your back office always have the latest order related data.

Anveo Mobile Delivery App Main Menu

Synchronization – Always current data

Fastest data reconciliation

The Anveo Mobile App is currently the only solution on the market that recognizes changes in Dynamics in just a few seconds – using the Anveo Delta Server technology – and transfers them to the mobile device. This significantly saves time, data volume, and costs. On top of that, seamless operation results in the essential user acceptance.

Anveo Delta Server for rapid synchronization

The Anveo Delta Server is a technical feature that only Anveo offers: the Delta Server is installed on the existing SQL server, and contains the relevant Anveo components. This technical feature eliminates the need for the App to check with the server to see if there are any changes. Instead the Delta Server automatically detects changes in Dynamics and synchronizes only those changes, enabling rapid feedback back to the mobile device.

For time-critical processes, Anveo offers the additional “Quick Send” function. This is a one-way transmission from the App to Dynamics, and skips the Delta Server. In Dynamics, the data can then be processed immediately. If desired, a push notification can also be sent to the mobile device after successful data processing in Dynamics BC / NAV.

The Dynamics server is secured

Security is our top priority: we protect the Business Central server (previously the NAV server),  the heart of Dynamics 365 BC / Dynamics NAV, by using our Anveo Server as a proxy. Our Anveo Mobile App is currently the only mobile, flexibly configurable app for Dynamics, that secures the Web Services and does not make them available to the public (as of September 2020).

Encrypted database and data exchange

The mobile Anveo database is encrypted when stored on the mobile device, so that direct access is not possible, even if the device is lost. Data is exchanged exclusively through an SSL encrypted channel with certificate verification.

Priorising synchronization Ehlert

Prioritization of data when synchronizing

Anveo offers a user-friendly synchronization management to flexibly prioritize data reconciliation between the App and Dynamics. You determine your individual synchronization process, such as how to handle simultaneous data changes and when to synchronize. A complete, two-way synchronization then runs in the background and is, with a perfectly configured system, completed within a few seconds. Alternatively, a one-sided synchronization is also possible with the “Quick Send” function.

Live Fields

For time-critical information, such as querying current stock levels, the App offers live fields. Here only the stock level is continuously requested from Dynamics and updated in the App. This saves data usage. The intervals at which live fields should be synchronized (seconds/minutes) can be adjusted independently of the App’s other synchronization settings.

A red dot indicates that the Live Fields have not yet been synchronised.
After synchronisation, the dot turns green.

Synchronization management options

Get to know the different options available with the Anveo synchronization management. The Anveo Mobile App offers a very flexible configuration of data synchronization.

Allow two-way data synchronization only at scheduled intervals

Your scenario: to save download time and reduce the strain on the Microsoft Dynamics system, the Anveo Mobile App has been set up so that your field workers can only perform a full synchronization every 15 minutes or or perhaps even every two hours.

In the meantime, you can send your data one way from the App to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/ Microsoft Dynamics NAV using the “Quick Send” feature so that it is available to the back office team in a timely manner.

Example action code: SYNC_MGMT

Allow full synchronization only with LTE/4G/5G or WLAN access

Your scenario: your field worker is traveling in areas with low bandwidth (e.g. rural areas). For order creation, the App automatically uses Anveo’s Quick Send function to transfer the data quickly and promptly to the Microsoft Dynamics system without having to perform a full synchronization.

Only when the user has a faster internet connection, e.g. LTE/4G/5G or WLAN, will extensive changes be synchronized between the App and the Microsoft Dynamics system. The App recognizes these changes automatically and decides on the scope of the synchronization. The user is spared unnecessary waiting time and receives a speedy data transfer.

Example action code: SYNC_MGMT

Prioritize one-way sync for large amounts of data

Your scenario: your mobile sales representative has created numerous order lines offline, or your service employee has recorded extensive measurements with the App. These are to be transferred to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. To ensure that this transfer takes place as quickly as possible, a complete synchronization is not performed.
Instead, the App recognizes the large amounts of data and automatically uses the Quick Send function. This allows the user to continue working with the App immediately after sending the data. A full synchronization is then possible at any time.

Example action code: SYNC_MGMT

Prevent synchronization of specific Anveo Pages

Your scenario: your employee has created a new order while on the road. Your workflow dictates that the order creation must be complete before the order can be synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics.

With Anveo, you can prevent synchronization if, for example, lines are still being created. Customize this feature to meet your individual needs.

Example action code: SYNC_MGMT

Perform automatic synchronization when moving, such as during device inactivity while driving

Your scenario: your sales representative has just visited a customer and is on their way to the next appointment. Set up automatic synchronization to take place whenever your employee is moving at a certain speed, e.g., at least 20 km/h.

This is the perfect way to use the travel time for data exchange. The user automatically has up-to-date data at the next appointment and previous orders have already been sent and processed.

If there is no sufficient internet connection at the time of automatic synchronization, a new synchronization attempt can be defined to take place automatically after a specified time interval.

Example action codes: ASLSFNC:GPS_ON to activate the GPS tracking in the main menu and ASLS_FNC:GPSTRACKSEN to save and synchronize the information.

Request for larger data sets for specific users for a limited period of time

Your scenario: your mobile employee needs extensive information about an article or customer while on site. Transferring all manuals, records, histories, and documents to a mobile device puts strain on the device and slows down the data transfer.
Anveo offers several possible solutions for this problem:
a) Define that certain documents (e.g. item history, documented photos, historical information, manuals) are always transferred to the employee’s mobile device when an order is created and are, for example, automatically deleted again when not used for 2 weeks. This way, the user always has all the necessary information, and the mobile device and your data volume will not be overloaded.
b) The user can pull up the article or customer history on site at the touch of a button. The data here can also be deleted from the mobile device in the background after a specified period of time.

Example on the customer card (ASLS_CUSTOMER), in the menu: „Load extended history“ (action code ASLS_FNC:TDM) when using the additional synchronization package SALES DYNAMIC.

Live request to Microsoft Dynamics for validation of availability, inventories, credit limits, or special prices

Your scenario: your employee is on site and only has a short amount of time to go through the new orders with the customer. However, some of the requested goods only have smaller quantities on stock, and there are also special price offers. The last synchronization was some time ago. The questions arise: Can we still deliver? What are the current prices?
There are several setup options for this.
a) Send the order to your Dynamics system using the “Quick Send” function. You will immediately receive a push notification if the order was created correctly.
Example on the order card (ASLS_ORDER) – action code ASLS_FNC:QUICKSYNC
b) Define minimum quantities in Dynamics. If the quantities fall below these levels, a synchronization MUST be performed BEFORE the order is confirmed (e.g., before the customer provides a signature).
c) Define other processes, such as nearly exceeded credit limits, verification of graduated prices, or other procedures that require validation/synchronization with your Dynamics system. Your options with Anveo are widely varied here.


Comprehensive features for all tasks
Anveo Service App Main Menu Windows

Our focus is on user-friendliness

The Anveo Mobile App is a tool that simplifies daily work. It offers numerous functions designed to effectively support the user in their tasks. An app will only be readily used if it is quick and easy to use.


The signature function can be used, for example, to receive digital confirmation from the customer for offers, orders, and service orders. Simply sign on the tablet PC or smartphone directly or using a smart pen. The signature is saved as an image and is available in Dynamics immediately after synchronization.

Create and print PDFs offline

With the Anveo Mobile App, you can create a offline report as a PDF and print it directly on site. The integrated PDF library allows for flexible layout design with a company logo as well as any local data from the device. All devices that can print PDF documents are supported.

Barcode scanner

Simply scan item numbers or other details as barcodes and QR codes with your device’s integrated camera. You can then use the barcode to search the database and, for example, add the item to a sales or service order. For warehouse processes such as stock entry, picking, stock transfers, and inventory, you can also use optional specialized devices, which offer an integrated laser scanner for maximum performance.

Camera and photo editing

Use the integrated camera of your device to document your work: take photos and add them to your service order or meeting report, or document items during returns processing in the warehouse. The photo is linked to the order, report, or return and is available in Dynamics.
Additionally, the App offers a photo editing tool. Mark certain details on the captured photo, such as damaged parts, or highlight special features.

GPS tracking and navigation

Use the GPS function on your device and App to arrive on site. To do so, open the customer card. There you will find the relevant name and address details and can navigate directly to the destination address. Different GPS services can be used individually. GPS can also be used to add precise location information on the App. If goods are delivered or collected in remote areas (e.g. timber in the forest), the exact location can be stored in the App.

Push notification

Inform your field staff about important messages by sending push notifications from Microsoft Dynamics to their mobile devices. Push notifications can be generated from any process in Microsoft Dynamics, such as assignment of service orders, changes in credit limits, or comments on quotes and orders.

Step 1: Receive push messages at any time, even outside the Anveo Mobile App – the user is actively informed.
Step 2: The number of messages can be seen on the App icon.
Step 3: All details about the message can be viewed in the App including easy navigation to the affected record.

Web View

An open, web technology-based interface allows you to display the latest internet content in the App. For example, integrate your Twitter feed into the App with Web View. The website can then be accessed live. Alternatively, information can be stored on the device for offline use, e.g. offline HTML help pages. The Web View is responsive. For commonly used visualizations, e.g. charts, Anveo offers a library of ready-to-use templates.

Sales App Top Customers

Versatile fields of application thanks to the Anveo App Builder

A nearly limitless range of solutions

The Anveo Mobile App is a flexible tool that, thanks to its extensive configuration options and fully customizable nature, can meet a wide range of requirements for modern apps in all business areas. The Base Apps Sales, Service, and Delivery are three typical example scenarios developed with the Anveo App Builder. However, it is easy to implement the Anveo Mobile App for other areas which were not mentioned here. This is achieved through the flexible toolkit character of the setup in Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision).

Sales App

Optimized and digital sales processes. Up-to-date data and information thanks to direct synchronization with your Dynamics.

Anveo Mobile Sales App Main Menu

Service App

Transfer service orders digitally. Process and document orders directly on a mobile device with immediate feedback, regardless of location.

Service App Main Menu

Delivery App

All data need for the delivery of goods available on a mobile device. Document and record delivery details, and create delivery slips for the customer.

Anveo Mobile Delivery App Main Menu

Diverse Scenarios

The Anveo Mobile App for inventory.

Customer Success Stories

“The Anveo Mobile App is a very well accepted and appreciated daily working tool because of its great usability.”

Astrid Grottke Sahle
Astrid Grottke
Anveo Customer, Sahle GmbH

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