Anveo Mobile App · Privacy Policy

What Is The Purpose Of The App?

Anveo Mobile App (“the App”) is a flexible solution to connect to your company’s Microsoft Dynamics® system with your mobile device like tablet-PC and smart phone. The App allows accessing and entering Microsoft Dynamics data on the road – even without internet connectivity. The app provides a local data storage.

What Information Is Stored?

Any information you enter in the app may be available in your ERP system after synchronization. Beside your direct data input, the App may also store information on when and where (location) you enter data – time + location. On the server, information about the connection and your device will be stored like your IP address, device ID, device type, language information upon every synchronization.

Demo Accounts

You may want to try the app with our demo servers first before connecting to your own Microsoft Dynamics server. Simply select one of the pre-defined demo accounts. Information you enter should be demo data only and will be available to the publisher after synchronization.

When Does The App Store Information?

The App only collects and shares information when you are logged-in into an Anveo App Account. The information will only be shared with the defined server address. At no time, information will be shared with third party servers – except DNS request, crash reports and push-notifications. When you are logged out, no information will be shared via network.

Delete Anveo Account

When you delete your local Anveo App Account, all personal information will be deleted and no information can be shared any more.

Debug Information And Crash Reports

If you explicitly allow the app to send debug information, the app will share information about your Anveo App Account with servers controlled by the app publisher to improve app stability and performance. By manually accepting to send this information, you will allow the app publisher to use and store this information – e.g. to improve the app.

Version 1 · July 11, 2016