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Increase the efficiency of your service processes

Service technicians are the face of your company. The speed, reliability, and professionalism of your service team reflects on your corporate reputation. With the 100% offline capable Anveo Mobile App, you add a valuable tool to their toolkit: mobile access to Microsoft Dynamics, everywhere and any time. Access all item details, standardize workflows, and easily complete service orders.

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Optimize service processes with easy digitalization

  • All process steps on the mobile device: item details, creation of service orders, time tracking, on site processing, and detailed documentation.
  • No Internet? Not a problem! All data from your Dynamics is always available, and with no difference in usability, regardless of internet connectivity.
  • Professional appearance: simplify documentation with user friendly checklists, easy photo editing, and digital signatures.
Mobile Service App in Microsoft Dynamics

Typical scenarios of the Anveo Service App in the various areas of the Berlin Airports.

“The offline capable Anveo Mobile App convinced us immediately. It is easy for both users and developers to learn and intuitive to use.”

Jan Kosiankowski
Head of IT and Organisation, Bühnen GmbH & Co. KG

A comprehensive solution for your individual requirements

  • Benefit from a streamlined tool, which doesn’t overwhelm users with unnecessary information. Your technicians will only have access to the relevant functions and data for their processes.
  • Save time and reduce costs. Connect your service team to your ERP system digitally and eliminate paperwork. Accelerate business processes and increase the quality of your data.
  • The App conforms to you, and not the other way around. The Anveo Mobile App is 100% integrated in Dynamics, and is configured in a familiar environment. Implement a mobile solution that is tailored exactly to your processes.

A solution for the entire service process

A typical service process, and how the Anveo Mobile App can assist you, in four steps:


Create and plan service orders in Dynamics

Preparation in Dynamics saves time on site

  • Create service orders directly in Dynamics, including service item details and tasks. Assign the order to a technician.
  • If necessary, add an additional service order directly in the Mobile App.


All necessary information immediately on hand

The most important details are always available

  • Use push notifications to inform technicians immediately of new service orders.
  • Login, synchronize the device, and then view all assigned service orders with the “My Service” button.
  • Review the customer details, make a call directly, or use GPS navigation. All service item details are also available on the App, including the tasks to be completed, components, and a history of past maintenance requests.


Complete maintenance and repairs

Structured completion of service orders

  • Click the “Start Journey” button to track the travel time to a location.
  • With the “Start Work” button, track the time on site, and use the Service Tasks to be guided step-by-step through the work to be completed.
  • Each process step can be documented via keyboard, predefined dictionaries, or voice recognition on the mobile device.
  • Finalize the service order and end work time with the “End Work” button.


Document the completed service work

Supplement and complete service orders

  • Add spare parts, resources, or components – via an item list or scan a barcode.
  • Take and edit pictures for documentation.
  • Issue service order worksheets as a PDF and print this to a bluetooth printer.
  • Collect a digital signature from the customer on the device to automatically close the service order.
  • After a successful synchronization, all data is available in Dynamics.

Customer Success Stories

“We always adapt to our customers’ processes and introduce necessary process steps for new customers. Anveo offers us the greatest possible flexibility along the way. It is a very agile project in the best sense.”

Guido Bajus IER GmbH
Guido Bajus
Managing Director

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