Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile now available as Version R3

Hamburg – After a great deal of development work, we are now delighted that new Web Clients are available for our partners. According to our CEO, Nils Peemöller, the new version R3 of Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile is the biggest update ever in terms of the number of functionalities. The new version makes implementation of web based solutions in Dynamics NAV much easier than in previous versions.
Our work philosophy concerning the development of our product is that of “market driven development”: During work on our latest version of the Anveo Web Clients, our partners, now more than 60 of them worldwide were involved, giving valuable feedback and suggestions. This generated a lot of ideas within our team of developers for new functionalities. This led to our new virtual tables approach; Function values from the Dynamics NAV internal programming language C/AL can now be displayed in the interface with ease. Virtual tables enable the filtering of arbitrary lists just this is done in the Role Tailored Client. The Anveo Mobile Client which is optimized for smart phones and tablet PCs now provides a feature to enter signatures. This enables the customer sign documents such as for deliveries and sales orders.

Besides several technical innovations, Anveo now provides an enlarged number of samples within the core application compared to past versions. These samples show the usage of functions provided by Anveo and offer a number of templates for the development of own web based industry solutions or web portals. Additionally we’ve optimized the design of the graphic user interface. The number of orders from each customer can be viewed through indicators in the user interface, displaying all important information at a glance.

The Anveo Web Clients can also be used in the upcoming new version of Dynamics NAV – Dynamics NAV 2013. Therefore you can enjoy the benefits of Anveo Web Clients in the future. Besides the new Web Client of Dynamics NAV – which is designed specifically for core users of Dynamics NAV – Anveo can also be used as a development platform for web based solutions for mobile or external users.

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