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“We support you in all projects steps, from pre-sales to implementation. Become irreplaceable for your end-customers and choose the Anveo Partnership!”

Big market changes ahead!

There are big changes ahead: The spread of BC Online is growing and with it, quickly available solutions are the new standard. Purchase licences, which used to be the most important pillar in overall revenue, are in decline. Additionally, extensive Dynamics projects with lots of customization are being replaced by quickly installed and easy-to-configure apps.

The changes lead to less revenue with new customers. Easily configurable solutions like AppSource apps, with low-cost subscription licensing models, do not require a large initial investment. Well informed users can quickly test a variety of products, including those from competitors.  Those who rely on the standard – or fail to provide their customers with a market overview – will potentially face problems in the near future.

The situation offers huge opportunities for Microsoft Partners. It becomes much easier for end customers to try out new solutions. Products are emerging that offer lower costs and shorter implementation times. Those who manage to provide guidance and an overview of the large range of apps and extensions, make themselves appealing, irreplaceable partners.

As the number of AppSource apps continues to grow, it becomes difficult to keep track of them all. It is almost impossible for sales teams to be familiar with all the solutions. This is where ISVs come into play. Anveo supports partners in all steps of a project: from pre-sales to implementation.

Anveo products have been firmly established in the market for over 15 years. No matter the type of project or industry – the chances are very high that Anveo has already implemented a similar project.

Anveo supports partners right from the beginning of a project with a joint webinar. This offers space for customer’s requirements, saves resources and provides first-class guidance on all detailed issues – at the same time, this increases the closing rate by demonstrating the close relationship with the manufacturer. Anveo can even take over a complete project: from planning to implementation and support.

When working with partners, Anveo basically offers 3 different variants:

  1. The partner implements the project independently. The partners take over the project management and Anveo provides know-how by training developers and offering second level support.
  2. Anveo works closely with the partner. Anveo may install the software at the end customer side and, if desired, take over further project steps.
  3. Anveo takes over everything on request – from project management to installation and support. The partner only assists by handling any additional development in the customer’s Dynamics system.

For Microsoft Partners, an Anveo partnership is completely free of charge!

Anveo Partnership

Take an in-depth look at the Anveo partnership and products.

Find the perfect App!

There are various mobile app solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that offer different features. Recommendations for the optimum solution depend on the intended area of application.

Here we provide a transparent comparison of the functions of Microsoft Power Apps and the Anveo Mobile App.

Microsoft provides training programs and online documentation for Power Apps to train partners and end customers on how to use the application. Responsibility for sales, implementation, and support lies with the end customer and partner.

The Anveo mobile app can also be managed independently. We offer training for sales, consulting, developers, and support teams. If your resources are limited, Anveo takes over the complete solution development and support. This includes assistance in the sales process and requirements analysis.

Like Navision’s Classic Client, Microsoft Power Apps allows flexible placement of fields and buttons. However, positioning must be pixel precise. Usability is an important component of user acceptance, which is why this extra effort should not be underestimated.

The Anveo Mobile App offers a streamlined layout definition that is automatically optimized for different devices and adapts to various screen sizes and orientations. Responsive design is achieved easily. Anveo also offers possibility to create custom layouts and can be quickly adapted to the company’s corporate identity.

Both Microsoft Power Apps and the Anveo Mobile App are low-code or no-code solutions that allow customization without programming with just a few clicks. Power Apps are customized online in a browser. This requires the Microsoft Power App editor.

The Anveo Mobile App is configured in the well-known Microsoft Dynamics environment. Also, offline capability is setup in just a few clicks. Even business processes can be customized by using Anveo Script, a simple, easy-to-learn, AL-like programming language. ISVs come into play. Anveo supports partners in all steps of a project: from pre-sales to implementation.

Microsoft Power Apps requires a special setup and additional effort for a responsive design, to make the application reasonably usable on different devices.

The Anveo Mobile app automatically adapts to different device sizes and orientations and allows to easily resize windows with a pinch gesture. For example, if you want to make a list easier to read on a device, or if you want to make a field extra-large, you can do so effortlessly.

Microsoft Power Apps’ offline capability is limited. Retrieved data is stored on the device and later sent to the Dynamics system. The app always requests all data in full, rather than requesting just the data changes from Dynamics. Due to this amount of data, this process not only takes a lot of time, but it may not technically be possible. Tracking which changes come from the respective end device is impossible.

The Anveo Mobile App offers full offline capability. Data changes are tracked on the server side and automatically synchronized when Internet is available. Only small and compressed data packages are transferred, and users do not have to worry about sending data themselves.

If different data sources outside of Microsoft Dynamics are required, Power Apps stands out – thanks to a variety of Power Apps connectors. Even an Excel file can serve as a data source. This may be sufficient for an app solution, but it does not make sense for more sophisticated mobile apps to create separate “data silos” outside of the core system.

The Anveo Mobile App is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics – and communicates only with Dynamics – however, it can quite effortlessly handle feature-rich data structures, user filters, and table hierarchies. This makes it possible to easily synchronize large amounts of data.

Licenses are available for both products as a subscription per user, with unlimited functionality. Currently this would be 15€ per user per month for Anveo and 16,90€ per user per month for Power Apps. Power Apps also offers smaller models on an app basis, and Anveo also offers purchase licenses. Binding information on Microsoft Power Apps licensing is available exclusively on the Microsoft website.

Power Apps was primarily designed for the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC-Online as a SaaS solution), which makes it easy to connect. Local installations, such as onPrem or older Dynamics versions, require additional setup and are more complex on a technical level.

The Anveo Mobile App supports all variants of Microsoft Dynamics from NAV 2009 R2 up to the current Business Central versions, both as Online and onPrem installations, and offers direct integration and cloud services starting with BC14.

With Microsoft Power Apps, you must always use the app that is provided by Microsoft. Only after using your login credentials can you display a design adapted to your own corporate identity.

The Anveo Mobile App offers additional features, such as “Basic Branding”, to customize the login screen with your own company colors and logo, as well as to adapt all colors within the app to your corporate design. With the “Theme Administrator”, sample solutions can be optimized for the company colors in just a few minutes. Anveo also offers optional “Extended Branding”, which allows the app to be listed with its own app icon and name in the Microsoft, Google Play, or Apple app store. It can also be deployed via an MDM Software.

Power Apps is particularly suitable for small apps with simple processes where you also need to store data outside of Dynamics, such as in Microsoft Excel Online. If only one device size is used, and if a reduced availability due to limited offline capability is acceptable, then Power Apps is a quick and suitable solution.

The Anveo Mobile App is optimized for more extensive mobile applications and guarantees 100% availability for users through complete offline capability. Also, all data and content is automatically displayed in the best possible way on different devices.

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