Anveo EDI Connect is setting new standards for Dynamics EDI solutions:

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Quick intro of Anveo EDI Connect

The Four Components of the Anveo EDI Connect Solution

Setup of EDI Mappings

The Anveo EDI mapping takes place in Windows Client (RTC or Classic Client) and defines the flow of data from source to destination. As source and target can be a wide variety of data formats, such as tables in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) or external formats such as text/CSV, XML, EDIFACT, X12 and more. By mouse click the fields are connected and thus defines the data flow.

Anveo EDI Converter

The converter is the heart for reading and generating external data formats. This is defined by EDI mapping all the fields exported in the various file formats or imported from external files. The Anveo EDI Connect converter is fully implemented in Microsoft Dynamics and does not require third-party software to process more complex formats such as EDIFACT or X12 – these can be directly read or generated.

Data Communication

The communications component ensures the transfer of data as it is directly read and written to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables as well as local files and files on network drives. The Anveo add in also supports directly within Dynamics the protocols FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and email (POP3/SMTP). The X400 system mailbox can be accessed via one of these protocols, plus a voice mail service.


In the entire solution, there are interfaces in AL- and C/AL-code for customization and extension. So Anveo EDI Connect can be added with own codeunits or functions for data processing as well as to new file formats or communication channels.

Anveo Managed File Transfer – MFT

For the automatic data exchange in BC Online (Public Cloud / Software as a Service), a communication handler is required. This can either be developed in-house or you can use the Anveo Managed File Transfer. More information about Anveo MFT can be found here.

Anveo Managed File Transfer

EDI Data Flow Easily Defined

The Anveo EDI Connect Mapping

The assignment of the data source to the destination is done at the field level in Anveo EDI Connect mapping. With a mouse click tables and fields of the source and destination are selected and connected. The mappings are organized in projects and can be applied either single-stage (NAV to target format) or two stages (original NAV table > export table > target format).

Hierarchical Structure

The data structure of the Dynamics internal and external formats is clearly displayed as a hierarchical tree. It is possible to easily define loops and shortcuts such as sales header to sales line: Each record of a sales header passes with appropriate filters all sales lines – similar like reports and XML port in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision).

Filter and Data Checks

Each loop level or each field contains properties to comply with the data format. Flexible filters and validators can be defined as mandatory, optional fields, static or dynamic filter – on request with access to your own AL- and C/AL-functions to determine the filter conditions.

Data Translations

For situations where the source field and destination fields require differing formats we can store the translation requirements in a standard EDI mapping table. Typical examples are transforming units (PCS vs. PIECES) and country code (EN vs. ENU).

Our Useful Tools Make Your Work Easy

Assistant to Generate the Mapping Structure

Save time by getting an XML, EDIFACT or X12 sample file and read it with the Anveo EDI Connect Assistant. The data format structure is automatically generated in Anveo EDI Connect mapping. By assigning all fields assigned with mouse clicks the entire core EDI mapping is can be completed.

Test Exports and Debugger

In the design process, detailed testing and rapid fault analysis are essential for good progress. You can always perform in the menu with the current state directly a test export and set breakpoints like in the Microsoft Dynamics development environment. Use the Anveo EDI Connect Debugger to analyze the current data, and go step by step through the data conversion process.

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