In our Product Guide we present in a PDF document clearly all features of the Anveo EDI Connect solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision): The four components – set-up, assistant, converter and data exchange as well as licensing model and services.

Our Product Flyer shows you how to set up a typical data exchange with Anveo EDI Connect – directly in Microsoft Dynamics. Easily exchange data with your business partners. Anveo EDI Connect solves all your EDI requirements in one solution.

Download Anveo EDI Connect directly from Microsoft AppSource or contact us for a free trial of EDI Connect.

Anveo EDI Connect References


One of the large customers of RAJAPACK wished to exchange documents via EDI. The EDI solution at that time was not individually adaptable to the customers needs. Today with Anveo EDI Connect, RAJAPACK profits from bug-free EDI-processes, no more system breaks and is able to react to customers and vendors requests faster and more dynamically.

EDI Connect at Elbegarten GmbH

Smooth communication through paperless processes. In the past, invoices were printed out and sent by mail, but today Elbegarten GmbH does this with Anveo EDI Connect.

Anveo EDI Connect Trainings

Technical Overview of the Module

In this training we will learn the basic concepts of Anveo EDI Connect. We will look at what workflow control is all about, what the term converter means in EDI Connect. Finally, we briefly mention how the data is imported into the module or sent out of the module.

Configuration Tools

Anveo EDI Connect offers a few tools that make it easier to configure and troubleshoot the configuration. We will take a look at the logging functionality, how to debug mappings and how we can make backups of the configuration and transfer it to other systems.


In this training, we will look at the main configuration structure of Anveo EDI Connect: the mappings. We show which data formats are supported and which converters are available in EDI Connect. And then we look at how there are different properties in the mappings.

Experience Anveo EDI Connect