Find web based industry solutions quickly

We introduce the brand new “Anveo Solution Finder“. Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and customers now have a quick overview of existing projects and industry solutions implemented with Anveo. Companies with similar project proposals can now get in touch with our Anveo Partners directly. Our world renowned series of Anveo products is a fully integrated framework for Dynamics NAV, to develop web based solutions or industry solutions with web access. Frameworks are used to support developers designing software solutions with ready-made structures.
The core application of Anveo already provides free samples for Dynamics NAV partners like applications for sales and marketing, purchase, warehousing and service. These samples are not customized for specific requirements of a certain industry.

The Anveo Solution Finder fills this gap: already implemented industry solutions can be customized for a particular application or business and with relatively little effort. One of the presented solutions for example depicts the web based staff planning of a temping agency, implemented by our Anveo Partner R+M Business Software GmbH in Kiel, Germany. With this solution, operations managers can assign personnel to certain locations, check working time, vacations or sick days. A search for suitable personnel with specific qualifications or certification is also implemented in the solution to assign specifically trained personnel to their shifts. All data can be smoothly forwarded in Dynamics NAV to payroll accounting with one touch of a button.

Furthermore, in the Anveo Solution Finder you can find solutions for project planning and workflow, for the requirements of trade of agricultural and construction machines as well as a craftsman portal for real estate management. In future, more industry solutions by our Anveo Partners will be featured to simplify the search for a suitable solution and to reduce the cost of implementation for upcoming projects.

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