How Important Is Usability?

Application requirements have been changed during the last years. A successful app is not based on its functionality only; good usability is getting more and more important. It becomes the key factor to improve user acceptance and data quality.

Top Factors For Good Usability

  • TabletAppealing, modern design
    Your app must be chic!
  • Easy and intuitive handling
    Who reads handbooks today?
  • Fast and responsive
    Who wants to wait for an app?
  • Cleaned-up Views
    Remove unused fields especially for small screens
  • Guaranteed Availabilty
    The applications must be always available.

What does this mean in praxis?

All aspects must be double-checked on solution evaluation.

Anveo-service-in 2016Please pose the following questions:

  1. Do you like the design of the app?
  2. Does the app follow well-known user style guides? If not, an intuitive use is not possible. Do you easily find all required functionality?
  3. How fast is data input? Do you have to wait to receive or input data? Is there a waiting time for log-in or downloading?
  4. How many unused fields or views are in the current app? Can I easily customize this by myself to my requirements?
  5. Does the app require an internet connection? Does the app always respond also with slow connections? Do I have to switch manually between offline and online mode? Or does the app do this automatically?

These are a lot of important questions that have to be answered in a test run.

Usability has highest priority

A new study by RWTH Aachen, Schwetz Consulting and Trovarit regarding CRM software give answers on the importance of different software aspects. The result: Usability has the highest potential to improve the software. The biggest problems of CRM applications are: low user acceptance, data quality, usability and performance.

Please read the full-article on Computerwoche (German).
Source (German):,3218799

Usability Example

Space on mobile devices is limited: A mobile app must present the most important fields only in a good layout.

Your company is unique! No default app can perfectly fit all your requirements. This is why you always need a flexible tool-kit to customize the layout and processes to your needs.


Customizing the user interface should be done with some mouse-clicks only.

Time-consuming development or easy-to-use configuration in minutes? With Anveo Mobile App, this is child’s play: Set-up the app layout with some mouse clicks only.

Experience Anveo’s flexibility! Register here for a free webinar to see how easy customization can be.

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