New Anveo Release: Make Your Dynamics NAV Available Anywhere | Anytime

Anveo proudly Announces

Anveo Client Suite 8.0 Available for download, March 14, 2017 at the Anveo Partner Portal.

Anveo 8.0 offers new valuable features for mobile processing – anywhere | anytime. A featured benefit is the Extended Synchronization Management. Instead of fully synchronizing to and from; now there is the ability to choose when to send data from the Anveo Mobile App and when to send to NAV.

This new feature functionality helps you accelerate your workflows.

Anveo Release 8.0 accentuates your business workflows

Quick send data to NAV

Data is defined and sent one way from your Anveo Mobile App to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and processed immediately in the background.

After sending the data, the user is now immediately able to continue working with the App since processing by the Anveo Delta Server did not take place. This gives your business the competitive advantage over other businesses, especially in time-critical processes.

A push notification can optionally be sent to the user to confirm data processing was successful.

Flexible synchronization control with Anveo Script

Time Control
E. g.: Allow full sync every two hours only. Otherwise, send data one way to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This reduces the load on your NAV system and saves bandwidth.

Bandwidth Management
E. g.: Allow full sync only when LTE/4G or WLAN is available.

Data Volume Management
E. g.: Prefer one way sync (“Quick Send” feature) when dealing with large data volumes.

User Process Control
E. g.: Prohibit synchronization on certain Anveo pages (temporary order, etc.).

You can configure date and interval of a full data synchronization. Anveo also offers further synchronization management options from earlier releases. Read more here.

Do you want to speed up your Synchronization?

In a perfectly configured system, a full data synchronization will be done within a few seconds. Ideally, the user barely notices this.

If you want to further optimize your synchronization processes we will gladly assist you. Don’t miss our all-round carefree package which includes all relevant services:

  • Examination of synchronization packages regarding data volume and calculation time
  • Measurement of SQL server performance and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server/Web Service time in order to identify potential bottlenecks
  • Record of the measurement results
  • Determination of possible measures to accelerate synchronization
  • Configuration of desired optimizations like Time Control, Bandwidth Management, Data Volume Management or User Process Control – depending on your application area
  • Upon request: instruction of your developers in using the new functions
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New features of Anveo Release 8.0


Active Directory Login

User name and password will be taken directly from the Windows login. Passwords can only be changed in the Active Directory to ensure application of password guidelines. The changes will be transferred to the Anveo Mobile App with the next synchronization.

Multi Tenancy Support

With the new Anveo Client Suite 8 Release it is possible to serve multiple tenants while running Anveo on a single server. This saves resources on the SQL server and is often used for hosted multi-client systems.

New commands in Anveo Script

The Anveo development will be further facilitated with some new commands, e. g.

  • Easiliy transfer data with TRANSFERFIELDS
  • Start one way sync with SYNC_DB

Anveo Update Offer

You want to use the new features of Anveo Client Suite 8.0 such as Active Directory or the new Extended Synchronization Management – or maybe the new Branding functionality from Anveo 7.0? Your Partner of Record and/or Anveo team can assist you in updating to the latest Anveo version.

  • Update of Anveo Client Suite to version 8.0
  • Transfer of existing app configuration and Anveo app events-code unit
  • Upon request: replacement of base app, if it is a demo system. If not, the range of functions is preserved completely.
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Learn more about Anveo 8.0 in our expert webinar

On March 14, 2017, we showed you the new 8.0 release features in detail.

Did you miss this webinar or do you want to view the content once more? Feel free to watch our webinar recording. We are happy to help if any questions occur.

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To get access to the latest Anveo Client Suite version a valid Anveo Service Plan is required. An update of apps with the latest App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store versions is necessary. Server components have to be updated as well. Some functions require a one-time reset of the local database on the app.

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