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Offline Capability Basics

What is Offline Capability?

In an offline-capable app, data is stored on the device. This allows users to work within the application without connection to the server via the Internet (WLAN or wireless connection).

Offline capability of mobile solutions such as apps for sales representatives and service technicians is a hot topic. On this page we deal in detail with this issue and solve the most important questions.

Why is Offline Capability Important?

In theory, with a direct connection to Dynamics all data can be received directly from the central server, without storing the data locally. In practice, however, a very stable and fast internet connection is required for smooth workflow. Small interruptions and dropouts of data connection affect the work immensely. Will sufficient network coverage at the next location or appointment with a customer be guaranteed? Surely, you do not want to depend on network coverage for a successful presentation or to process a service contract.

Will mobile networks be perfect one day?

Mobile networks are constantly improved with large investments. Will a perfect network be available in the future, so a pure online connection is sufficient? The answer is a resounding “no”, because networks will be faster, but gaps are hardly closed. This is because most existing transmission towers are reused and equipped with the latest technology only. Thus, this will increase transmission speed, but not the network coverage.

Typical Cases for Wireless Dead spots or Slow Connections

Different Qualities of Offline Capability

There are different variations of offline capability available. The simplest, most commonly used variant is an elementary offline store of selected data. However, the application itself either does not or has limited ability to accept and process new information. For example: Item information can be retrieved, new order lines created, but price calculation is not available offline.

Using a more advanced variant of offline capability, business logic is stored on the device as well. This empowers users to work with an app in all areas. For example: Creation of a new sales order with serial number allocation and offline price calculation.

Synchronization with Dynamics

Full offline capable apps provide users an uninterupted and fast responsive work experience. No waiting, no delays – the application responds quickly and reliably. Synchronization transfers data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and your app.

Quick Sync using Anveo Delta Server

For some scenarios, it is required to get live information from Dynamics. To send and receive data as fast as possible, Anveo provides Anveo Delta Server. This component speeds up the synchronization by calculating changes in Dynamics in seconds. As a result, only changes are transmitted.

Anveo Sets New Standards

Fastest Sync

Anveo Mobile App is currently the only app available on the market that recognizes changes in Dynamics in seconds using Anveo Delta Server technology. This significantly saves time, data volume, and costs. A quick processing app is important for the user.

Full Offline capability

Full offline capability including data and business processes empowers developers to use complex application processes such as price calculation, data checks and wizards.

Easily customizable in Microsoft Dynamics

The entire app including data (filter settings per user) and business processes is configured in Windows client (or Classic Client). For Dynamics developers this is a simple game in a familiar environment supported with good documentation and many support options (forum, e-mail support, training and hotline).

How do I get the Anveo Mobile App?

Anveo Mobile is usually available through your Microsoft Dynamics partner. Your partner gets our software, training materials and support options. Upon request and after existing Microsoft Dynamics Partner approval direct setup and assistance is available.

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Push Messages

Keep your mobile personell up-to-date: Automatically send push messages from Dynamics.

Licensing & Pricing

We offer flexible licensing options for different usage scenarios for Anveo Mobile App.

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