Our Commitment To Microsoft Dynamics 365

ERP – not only from the cloud?

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft offers a new technological platform for easier and faster availability of ERP & CRM solutions. In addition to the cloud-based version on Azure, where Microsoft provides and manages the entire infrastructure, on-premise solutions are also planned. Details are expected shortly with the availability of the next Microsoft Dynamics 365/NAV version.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – More than just a new Technology

There are well-defined goals behind the infrastructural changes at Microsoft. On the one hand, Dynamics 365 uses the Azure platform as a service and sells it as a simple subscription model. On the other hand, the central focus is on the significantly accelerated delivery of a new ERP solution.

ERP solutions ready for use at the touch of a button

Today’s medium-sized businesses in particular expect quickly available solutions that can be set up in just a few minutes and offer immediate added value. It is no longer appropriate for Microsoft VAR partners to sell several service days before the solution can be used profitably for the company.

The Cornerstones Of Successful Cloud Business

  • Install on a cloud infrastructure in a few minutes
  • Low initial investment due to affordable subscription model
  • Investment security through plenty of scope for growth – easily usable by 5 to over 100 users
  • Fast setup through wizards
  • Quick training through intuitive handling of a modern and very well thought-out user interface

Anveo And The Cloud Business Model Match Perfectly

Since 2010 Anveo has been providing several very successful extensions for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform with the Anveo Mobile Apps, Web Portal and EDI solutions. The goals behind the cloud business have been exactly in line with our Anveo product philosophy since the beginning of solution development:

  • Usability first: Focus on ease-of-use
  • Easy to use: Quick installation and availability for the user
  • Investment security: Flexibility & expandability

The cloud platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers us further technological possibilities to achieve these goals even better. We are therefore particularly looking forward to the new possibilities

An example:

Setup in only 5 Minutes

Since the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions, the platform offers a faster installation of ERP extensions – such as our Anveo Mobile App or our Anveo EDI Connect. Today we have already structured our solutions in such a way that installations and updates can be carried out with very few work steps. But the new technology now offers a further acceleration of solution delivery, which we want to use as quickly as possible.

Anveo Roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The next versions of the Anveo Mobile App and Anveo EDI Connect will be released shortly, at first still based on existing, classic technologies on Microsoft Dynamics NAV / FOBs.

All subsequent major versions will then support the new technologies – but only in hybrid mode, i.e. with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 or the planned new Dynamics 365 Business Central with the use of Extensions V2.

The solutions will then also be available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform.

Our team is already working hard on the development of the new versions. Below is an example from the Anveo Mobile App redesign.

Required Product Re-Design Of Anveo Mobile App

The restructured solution represents a significant and very important investment for our development team. The omission of some technical components such as DotNet integration requires the use of new technologies from the Extensions V2 functional scope.

The good news: The redesigned solution will not only bring new advantages for pure cloud solutions, but also for hybrid or on-premise installations.

The Benefits:

  • New dedicated Anveo Delta Server on separate SQL database for better performance in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 core system
  • Anveo App Server as a new Anveo Server that can be configured directly by Dynamics
  • Both components can be easily added either on-premise as an installation or in the cloud, without any local infrastructure investment

Anveo is thus completely committed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. Our more than 250 Anveo partners worldwide can thus offer the Anveo product family on a wide range of installation variants.

What isMicrosoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the new platform for ERP and CRM systems from Microsoft, which focuses in particular on easy-to-install cloud solutions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a further development of several ERP/CRM solutions and thus replaces the very successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM.
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