Restrictions when using Microsoft Dynamics NAV App

Slow internet connectivity. Especially when using your mobile applications from a smart phone or tablet PC, Internet connection should be consistent and ‘fast’, otherwise you are losing business. Users must have the ability to leverage a mobile App on a mobile device and conduct business without becoming frustrated; when frustration is at its peak then mobility is not a solution!

What implications does this have for the company?
Up-to-date data becomes data trash – worst-case scenario. This is not the future of your business; consistent data and ‘fast’ connection is the new working world trend!

Online only versus Offline Capability

How does the Microsoft Dynamics NAV App behave?

The app has a great appearance, it is a clear and modern design. However, the official app from Microsoft is a web-based online solution. As soon as the user has limited data access or service connection is lost, you are stuck. With slow connections, working with the app becomes frustrating. This may be okay for the occasional user(s), but it would not be a leverage able every-day toolkit.

100% Availability requires 100% Offline Capability

Although network providers invest billions in technology to deliver faster networks, there will never be a 100% coverage solution; we will have to cope with dead spots everywhere and anywhere in the world. These dead spots are not just while on the road. To name a few of the respected ‘dead spot’ areas; do you believe your network provider will install a transmission station in your technical- or server room one day? Or, what about buildings made of ferro concrete? Best yet, something even more typical – bad Wi-Fi in your hotel or at a conference.

Exactly, here are the typical work places for Sales personnel and Service technicians. All processes must be ‘fast’ and fluent. Users can only achieve constituency with a full-featured offline capable app.

Anveo is a flexible solution for all Dynamics NAV apps

For more than 5 years Anveo offers just that, a flexible app solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our team has gained relevant and strategic knowledge about mobile solution requirements which have been integrated in the Anveo product.

One of the ‘best’ product developments leveraged in the Anveo Mobile App, is a flexible tool-kit, the ability to build any mobile solution in a well-known environment – the Windows Client of Microsoft Dynamics NAV; all within just a few mouse-clicks; a user can modify the user interface to the team needs.

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