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Anveo Mobile Sales App

With the Anveo Mobile Sales App your sales staff have mobile access to all important data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With a tablet PC or smartphone, your sales team has access to customer data, sales statistics, and sales orders. Your sales representative can enter new offers or orders directly at the customer site with their mobile device – regardless of the internet connection.

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Get to know Anveo Mobile App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Navision) on your Android, Apple and Windows device for free.

Anveo Sales App Details:

› My Customers and Orders

My customers, item details, prices and discounts, my orders

› At the Customer Site

Customer history, new quotes and orders

› Digital Sales Presentation

Digital product catalog, viewed and selected products, generating an offer or order directy, history of sales calls

› Always Ready-to-Use

Work offline, synchronization, functions of the mobile device

Anveo Mobile App Success Story at our client Gustav Ehlert with two app scenarios.

My Customers and Orders

My Customers

The customer data is clearly displayed in a list and can optionally be filtered by sales person. Quickly access further customer details with the Anveo Mobile Sales App’s intuitive navigation. For example, move directly from the customer’s balance to viewing their open ledger entries. Write emails, make phone calls, or start GPS navigation – everything is possible with just one click.

Item Details

All important item details can be viewed in the Anveo Mobile Sales App, such as item number and description, as well as quantities: available, on order, or already sold. Give your sales team direct access to the images and documents needed for a sales pitch. Products can be displayed either in a gallery view or a list with pictures. Just choose the one you prefer.

Prices and Discounts

In a sales process, the product prices, discounts, and customer-specific prices are of major importance. In the Anveo Mobile Sales App, your sales representative will naturally have access to this information. Local pricing is available to your staff offline, to always find the best price.

My Orders

With the Anveo Mobile Sales App, your sales representatives can view their customers’ existing quotes and sales orders at any time. Release open sales orders and determine delivery date and already delivered quantities quickly. Of course, it is always possible to create a new quote or order.

At the Customer Site

Customer history

Give your sales team access with the Anveo Mobile Sales App to the customer’s history, such as delivery and invoice date. By accessing the customer items it is possible to see open sales orders or invoices and can clarify locally. Delivery tickets, invoices and credit memos can be digitally viewed. Your sales representatives are now able to answer all customer questions locally. This will save you valuable time in post processing customer meetings.

New Quotes And Orders

When doing so, further fields will be auto-filled after selecting the customer, as in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV). It is also possible to create a sales order directly from the customer, where all customer details will automatically be completed. Adding new lines is simple: select the items from a list, scan the barcode, or enter the item number. The price will be filled automatically. Done!

Digital Sales Presentation

Digital product catalog

The digital product catalog supports your sales team at a customer site visit. In a clear gallery, all items are displayed with pictures. With just one click, your sales representative can go to the product details, always at the latest update from Microsoft Dynamics. Your sales team can focus on a perfect consultation.

Generating an offer or order directy

After a consultation, all highlighted items are clearly displayed in a list. The sales representative can add the desired quantities, and easily create either a quote or order with a single click. Of course, your sales staff can then adjust the order or quote as needed, such as to add a special price.

History of sales calls

Take advantage of the sales presentations to document your customers’ interests. Completed sales presentations are available for future reference. This means your sales representatives can get a quick overview of the items a customer was interested in previously, before the next site visit or call.

Viewed and selected products

In the digital sales presentation, it is possible to highlight items which are interesting for the customer. Such highlighting is possible both in the item details and in the gallery. Items which are only viewed, but not highlighted, are also noted by the Anveo Mobile App and for use in future analysis.

Always Ready-to-Use

Work Offline

Offline WorkThe Anveo Mobile App is completely offline-capable: data is always accessible from Dynamics, regardless of network coverage. Edited data is synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics via an existing internet connection.


SyncronisationDuring synchronization of the mobile device with Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV) only the changed and new data is synchronized. So, the transferred data volume is manageable and can be done even with slower internet connections.

Use Business Processes Offline

Not only does the Anveo Mobile App allow you to read and enter data, but you also get a powerful tool for handling business processes with Anveo Script, such as price calculations in orders. All offline on your mobile device. The Anveo Script is part of the Anveo Mobile App, and as with the rest of the app is fully integrated in the Windows Client (or Classic Client).

Functions of the mobile device

The Anveo Mobile Sales App can interact with a variety of functions on your mobile device. For example, you can write emails directly from the AMA, make phone calls, use GPS navigation, and take photos. You can even use your mobile device camera as a barcode or QR scanner to key in items based on their barcode.

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App Features

Digitale signature capture, painting tool and printing… Anveo provides a lot of features.

Build Your Own App

Anveo provides a flexible configuration. Build your own app in Microsoft Dynamics .

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