Keep your mobile personnel always up to date

NEW-Send-Push-Messages-to-Mobile-DeviceSend Push Messages from Microsoft Dynamics to Your Mobile Device

Be safe to get all important news: Your device will vibrate and will give a system notification sound.

Typical Application Areas

Service Technician

The service scheduler assigns a new service order to a service technician using Microsoft 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Of course, your service technician should be informed immediately – and using notifications, he/she is.

Choose which kind of update in Microsoft Dynamics should create a notification on the mobile device.
All within Dynamics – it is just one line of code.

Sales Personnel

A typical scenario: some customer information have been updated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV) by a colleague. Your sales personnel will get notified right away like for updated prices, discounts, released or delayed shipments.

Be free to send a notification on any event. This automates your daily workflow significantly.

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