Anveo Mobile App for Service Technicians

The Anveo Mobile Service App allows your service technicians quick and easy access to all relevant data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision). The user interface and functionality of the Anveo Mobile device are configured to the working processes of your service technicians. With just a few clicks the layout and processes can be quickly defined in Microsoft Dynamics.

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You can find the Anveo Mobile App in Google Play and in the App Store, just search for “Anveo Mobile”.

Details of the Anveo Service App:

› My Service Orders

Create a service order in Dynamics and send it to your service technicians.

› At the Customer Site

Time Entry, Service Item Details, Service Tasks and Dictionaries, Take a Photo, Add Items, Finish Service Order

› Always Ready-to-Use

Work Offline, Synchronization, Print Service Report

Typical areas of application for our Anveo Service App in various areas of Berlin Airports.

My Service Orders

Creating a service order in Dynamics

An office employee creates a new service order for a customer, or edits an existing order. After creation, the service order is sent to the technician with an estimated time requirement. This allocation can also be made through a graphical user inface from a third-party software.

Use functions of the mobile device

In the service order, the service technician can easily start GPS navigation to the service order location. Should there be a delay, the tech can quickly call the customer, or compose an email, with a single click from the Anveo Mobile Service App.

Adaptation to the operation

The Anveo Mobile App Service assists the service technician in his daily work. The service technician can set the status to “drive” in the service order itself. The time required for place of action is automatically detected and registered in the service order.

Synchronization with the mobile device

As the service technician is en route, he synchronizes the Anveo Mobile Service App installed on his tablet or smartphone with with Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV). Immediately the technician can view the newly assigned service order under “My service order”.

At the Customer Site

Start of Work

Upon arrival the service technician will click that travel time is completed and service work has begun. Any breaks can be documented digitally in the Anveo Mobile Service App. The actual time required for the service order is captured.

Documents and Photos

Documents and images which are stored in Dynamics are available for your service technician in the Anveo Mobile Service App. The service technician can document his work with photos, and even make edits directly in the Anveo Mobile Service App to highlight any details. Created photos or documents are available after synchronization in Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision).

Service Item

The service technician receives all the details of the serviceable item as well as additional information about the job and customer. Changes that the service technician can make are determined at company headquarters in Dynamics.

Service Tasks and Dictionaries

To support your service technician service tasks can be pre-set in Dynamics. These service tasks give step by step instructions of the work to be carried out. Dictionaries are available for easy detection of long texts via smartphone and tablet PC.

Add Items

The Anveo Mobile Service App provides your service technician a quick way to add items to a service order, such as replacement or spare parts. The new item can be selected from a concise list or captured using the barcode scanner on the mobile device, and edit quantities with a click. The service tech can also take a photo for documentation, and assign it to the item.

Complete Service Order

The technician can log completion of service work with one click. The actual time required for the service order is captured and automatically added to the service order. With the client signature on the mobile device the Anveo Mobile Service App automatically sets the status of the service order as completed. After re-synchronization, the data is available in Dynamics. The service technician is ready to begin the next order.

Always Ready-to-Use

Work Offline

The Anveo Mobile App makes your Microsoft Dynamics completely offline-capable: Your data is always accessible regardless of network coverage. The changed data is synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics via an existing internet connection.


During synchronization of the mobile device with Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV) only the changed and new data is synchronized. So, the transferred data volume is manageable and can be done even with slower internet connections.

Functions of the Mobile Device

The Anveo Mobile Service App interacts with a variety of functions on your mobile device. For example, you can write e-mails, make phone calls, use navigation and capture photos. You can also use the camera of your mobile device as a barcode or QR scanner to capture items based on their barcodes.

Print Service Report Offline

With the Anveo Mobile Service App you can create any service report offline and print it directly on premise. The integrated PDF library allows a flexible layout including service tasks, company logo, and used items. All devices which can print PDF documents to a local printer are supported.

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App Features

Digital signature capture, painting tool and printing… Anveo provides a lot of features.

Build Your Own App

Anveo provides a flexible configuration. Build your own app in Microsoft Dynamics.

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