Success Story | Anveo Purchase App for DSHwood

DSHwood puts itself at a very considerable competitive advantage by significantly speeding up the whole procurement process with Anveo Mobile App

About DSHwood

DSHwood is an international wood trading company, owned by the Danish Forest Association. The business consists of buying timbers directly from the supplier and selling them directly to the production companies.

Due to an extensive network of contractors, DSHwood is able to manage the entire process from harvest to end-user worldwide. Main supplying countries are Denmark, France, Germany, Scotland and Sweden.

Initial Situation

The procurement process at DSHwood was very time-consuming and required lots of manual registration. Within an 8 hour purchase day, a DSH employee or freelancer would usually buy 3000 – 4000 logs. For each log, there are about 20 different criterias to be noted down.

At the end of the day, all information were sent to the administration team to be entered manually in Microsoft Dynamcis NAV. This resulted in a heavy workload which took up to 2-3 times longer than the actual purchase time. Furthermore, if the supplier sent the information by post, this would take additional 3 weeks.

Requirements and Solution Process

In order to speed up the whole process and to avoid errors due to wrong manual entries, DSHwood decided to digitize the registration and source it out the the purchasers on-site. A solution had to be found that:

  • Is 100% offline-capable to be usable even in the remotest areas
  • Is easy to learn and to handle
  • Enables the purchasers to complete the log registration while they are still in the forest
  • Offers fast synchronization
  • Can be easily customized to individual processes
  • Supports GPS to locate the purchased logs for later pick-up

Before Anveo was recommend by our Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner NAV-Vision, we did evaluate a lot of solutions and were actually very close to develop our own mobile app”, says Daniel Lapp, Logistic Manager at DSHwood. “But the reason we chose Anveo was the fact that, of course, the Anveo Mobile App fulfills all our requirements and, what is more, the Anveo software only updates the changes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and does not synchronize the whole database. With regard to our large amount of data that was the crucial point which won us over.”

DSHwood Logo

Founded: Established as a department of the Danish Forest Association in 1967; independent subsidiary since 2000

Industry: Purchase and sales of different wood species (hardwood and softwood logs as well as energy wood and lumber)

Employees: 55 permanent employees and approx. 200 freelancers worldwide

Headquarter: Fredericia (Denmark)

Sites: Branch offices in Denmark, France, Germany, Scotland, India, Vietnam and China

Go-Live with Anveo: June 2016


We recommended Anveo to DSHwood because we found the Anveo Mobile App to be the best on the market to meet the customer needs. Furthermore, the required GPS and tracking functionality was specifically developed by Anveo during this project.

Kim Hvilsted
Market Director & Partner

Main Tasks of the Anveo Mobile App at DSHwood

  • Create purchase orders
  • Get overview of purchased wood locations in the forest via GPS
  • Capture supplier’s signature
  • Take pictures of the purchased log for later identification
  • Print purchase packing list and proforma invoice
  • Look up vendors and items

Project Implementation And Results

The project started in spring 2016 and was implemented in phases. The first country going live was DSH France in June 2016. DSH Denmark went live three months later.

Kim Hvilsted, Market Director and Partner at NAV-Vision, underlines: “Taking into consideration that we developed a complete new mobile app in the Anveo framework for the purchase process at DSH, we have been very impressed that it only took a few months from project start till go-live in the first country.”

Summary And Outlook

With the offline-capable Anveo Mobile App, DSHwood succeeded in improving their purchasing processes and gaining more transparency and trackability in their whole supply chain.

Daniel Lapp summarizes: “The Anveo Mobile App fully met our expectations. We can now move the logs much faster which is a huge competitive advantage since we are working with living material.” The next steps of the project foresee the go-live of DSH Germany and DSH Scotland within this year.

Furthermore, the mobile solution will be expanded to include additional divisions of the company: Logistic processes are planned to be partially automized, e. g. tracking of materials and creation of transport orders. At a later stage, the Anveo Mobile App will also be implemented in sales management to support and optimize DSH’s selling processes.

Customized Purchase Order Header with all needed information in this scenario.

Customized Purchase Order Header with all needed information in this scenario.

We are very satisfied with the Anveo Mobile App and have achieved significant business value by optimizing our procurement process. Further implementation of the solution in warehouse and sales division is already planned. We look forward to developing our digitalization with Anveo.

Daniel Lapp
Logistic Manager

Initial situation before the introduction of Anveo

  • Heavy workload for logs registration
  • Incorrect data due to many manual processes
  • Delayed resale

Gains through Anveo

  • Improved workflows allow faster resale
  • Optimized data quality
  • More transparency and trackability in the whole supply chain

More Information about the Anveo Mobile App Builder

The Anveo Mobile App is a very flexible tool-kit to build any individual app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and supports the Android, iOS or Windows operating systems. In the Windows client (or Classic Client) of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) both the surface with a few mouse clicks as well as the business processes that are required for an offline capability are defined.

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