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Furniturebox Streamlines Its Order Flows With Anveo EDI Connect

Initial Situation

Furniturebox is an online furniture shop from Sweden, offering both timeless and unique products for every price range. It was founded in 2006 as one of the pioneers on the Swedish e-commerce market and has grown considerably since then. Due to its particular focus on quality and service, Furniturebox is now established as an online shop in several European countries with show rooms in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

With further company growth and a constantly expanding product range, the demands on data processing have also increased. Lots of suppliers asked for orders, invoices and dispatches to be processed electronically.

In summer 2016, we had so many requests that we developed a small, hard-coded solution just for inserting and extracting data. This worked only for some small suppliers and the usage was very time consuming. Our bigger suppliers had even higher and more comprehensive requirements which we couldn’t fulfil. After a short time we realized that we needed a real EDI solution and decided to launch the project.

Richard Liinamo Furniturebox
Richard Liinamo
IT Manager and Project Leader

Requirements and Decision Making

Furniturebox searched for a software, which would meet the following requirements:

  • 100% Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated
  • Comprehensive EDI solution that can grow along with the company and is suitable for both current and future requirements
  • individually customizable to own business processes
  • Good usability

Furniturebox had analyzed several suppliers and chosen Anveo to be the right fit. Richard Liinamo explains: “We put Anveo through its paces and tested it thoroughly. The software offers a comprehensive yet relatively simple solution for realizing our EDI requirements. And what is more, I felt very secure with the knowledge of Anveo’s EDI team. So we decided to go with Anveo.”

Furniturebox Logo

Headquarters: Stockholm (Sweden)

Turnover: About 400 million Swedish Kronor in 2016

Employees: 100

Project start with Anveo EDI Connect: End of February 2017

Data format: XML

Go-live with Anveo: Beginning of April 2017

Data transmissions: Approx. 12.000 incoming transmissions and 10.000 outgoing transmissions per month

We put a lot of money and effort into our Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, so we wanted a module which is 100% NAV integrated. Some possible EDI solutions on the market were quite complicated and expensive, and had long project turnaround time. Fortunately, with Anveo we have found a solution that meets all our requirements.

Richard Liinamo Furniturebox
Richard Liinamo
IT Manager and Project Leader

Initial situation before the introduction of the Anveo EDI Connect

  • More and more suppliers asked for electronic data exchange with Furniturebox
  • Own solution was not suitable for all suppliers
  • High workload in order processing due to many manual processes
  • Long response times for customers

Gains through the Anveo EDI Connect

  • Improved order flows due to automatic data processing
  • Less effort in order management
  • Better data quality
  • Significant cost savings
  • Shorter response times lead to better customer service

Project Implementation and Results

Following the internal tests, the project was launched at the end of February 2017. A two-sided communication with one partner was implemented. The major mappings were created by the Anveo team, details done together. The required message types included orders, order responses, despatch advices and invoices. Furniturebox went live at the beginning of April 2017.

I was very impressed that the realization took us only a bit more than one month including all the testing and changes within NAV that came up during this quite comprehensive project”, says Richard Liinamo.

With Anveo EDI Connect, Furniturebox was able to streamline its order flows. Most of the data is now being processed automatically, resulting in significant time and cost savings for the company.

Before the implementation of Anveo, we had to open each order response in a pdf to manually check whether the delivery from our supplier matches the delivery date to our customer. Considering that there are different date formats in different countries, this procedure was very time-consuming and prone to errors. Today, we only check those orders where the dates vary. All secure orders no longer need to be touched. This is a great improvement in response time to our customers. In the past, it used to take us 2-3 days. Today we can inform the customer within a few hours if the delivery will be delayed.

Richard Liinamo Furniturebox
Richard Liinamo
IT Manager and Project Leader

Summary And Outlook

Due to the optimized processes in order management, Furniturebox can now focus even more on their customer service.

Richard Liinamo concludes: “All my expectations were fulfilled and it was great to work with the Anveo team, even though it was a very time sensitive project with high pressure. I was also very happy to see how quickly my change requests were resolved. We value Anveo as a very reliable partner and are pleased to recommend the solution.”

Mapping for incoming XML orders at Furniturebox

Mapping for incoming XML orders at Furniturebox

Mapping to process item updates with incoming stock data at Furniturebox

Mapping to process item updates with incoming stock data at Furniturebox

Excerpt of list of mappings used by Furniturebox

Excerpt of list of mappings used by Furniturebox

More Information about Anveo EDI Connect

Anveo EDI Connect offers a unique and comprehensive software to exchange data with or within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Create EDI mappings with just one mouse click and benefit from automated business processes.

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