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Offline Service App for the Real Estate Industry

Sahle boosts Tenant Satisfaction by accelerating the Processing of Claim Notifications using the Anveo Mobile App

Sahle Wohnen is one of the leading private housing providers in Germany and is part of the Sahle Group. The medium-sized family business owns more than 22,000 apartments in over 40 German cities.

Sahle operates in both state-subsidized and privately financed housing with a regional focus in North Rhine-Westphalia (e. g. Bonn, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Cologne, and Münster). The company is also active in Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt.

A special characteristic of the Sahle Group is the close interaction between the construction and housing industries. All major services are provided by parts of the group while in constant coordination with each other. These services include the planning of residential complexes and single-family homes, construction, sales and operation, and even long-term rentals.

Logo Sahle

Founded: 1963

Industry: Real Estate

Employees: approx. 1200

Headquarters: Greven (Westphalia), Germany

Branch Offices: 19 regional customer service bureaus across Germany

Go-Live with Anveo: June 2019


Initial situation before implementing the Anveo Mobile App

  • Facility Managers don’t have access to Microsoft Dynamics
  • Inefficient information transfer
  • Delayed processing of claim notifications
  • High number of mistakes due to manual processes

Gains through the Anveo Mobile App

  • Service processes have been digitized, no more “paperwork”
  • Information always and everywhere at hand
  • More professional appearance at the client
  • Improved data quality and actuality
  • Significant time saving in post-processing

Initial Situation and Requirements

Sahle receives about 36,000 claim notifications annually from its tenants. In addition, there are about 900 renovation projects per year.

If a tenant reports a damage or defect in the rental property, this is immediately documented in Microsoft Dynamics and forwarded to the responsible facility manager for processing.

Astrid Grottke, controller and project manager at Sahle explains: “We employ over 70 facility managers throughout Germany. Since they had no access to our ERP system, the claims always had to be submitted by fax or manually using various lists, which delayed their processing. The feedback process was also cumbersome and lengthy. Furthermore, our facility managers had no access to the entire claim history. Our goal was to establish a strong link to our ERP system in order to accelerate the process and reduce the rate of errors”.

The following requirements should be met by the app:

  • 100% offline-capable
  • Good integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Customizable by own developers
  • Push notifications for incoming claims
  • Easy to use
  • Fit for the future with Extensions
  • Support all mobile devices types and operating systems

Decision Making

“We have intensively tested several solutions based on our requirements and, after careful consideration with the assistance of our decision-makers, have come to the conclusion that the Anveo Mobile App best meets the requirements,” says Ms. Grottke.

She adds: “The Anveo solution differed from the other providers in particular in that it provided us with a tool to build and design an app that is fully customized to our needs. In addition, we received an unbeatable value for our money.”

Our tenants’ satisfaction is our top priority. We want to process incoming claims as quickly as possible so that our tenants feel comfortable in their homes. However, since our facility managers do not have comprehensive network access, we needed an offline-capable solution. We are very happy to have found the Anveo Mobile App. It accelerates our processes tremendously.

Astrid Grottke Sahle
Astrid Grottke
Controlling Facility Management
Sahle janitor working

Main tasks of Anveo Mobile App at Sahle

  • Processing of claim notifications by the facility manager:
    • Read and add comments
    • Create orders
    • Take photos
    • Complete damage reports
    • Schedule appointments
  • Delegate tasks and absence management
  • Constant exchange of information between all involved colleagues
Sahle building

Project Implementation and Results

Once the decision had been made to go with Anveo, the solution was implemented and rolled out to Sahle in a very short time. The organizational conditions also had to be defined and adapted simultaneously to the creation of the app.

Ms. Grottke recalls the project implementation: “A one-day training session conducted by the Anveo team was sufficient to create the basic framework for our app. Afterwards, we were able to continue working independently. It was impressive how many of our ideas we could implement ourselves within just a few days and how we were also given the opportunity to realize our own suggestions with this tool. Last but not least, our IT department’s many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics enabled us to quickly implement not just more complex functionalities, but also the improvement suggestions from our facility managers. Thanks to this, the result even exceeded the original expectations, and the project time schedule was undercut”.

Ms. Grottke continues: “Our facility managers are very pleased with the new, mobile processes. The use of the Anveo Mobile App greatly reduces their workload. For example, they can now quickly and easily take photos of the claim and easily add their comments via voice recognition. All it takes is a brief synchronization, and after a few seconds the information is available in our ERP system”.

Summary And Outlook

The Anveo Mobile App has enabled Sahle to significantly simplify, accelerate, and standardize its processes. All employees involved in a claims process now have access to the same data and the facility managers can access all relevant information at any time.

Ms. Grottke adds: “The clear structure of the app layout ensures that the training of our employees in Anveo could be carried out very efficiently. No follow-up training was necessary. The app is also a very well accepted and appreciated daily working tool because of its great usability”.

An implementation of the app for further user groups in the area of claims processing is planned. Sahle Wohnen is also investigating whether Anveo can also be used to solve requirements from other divisions of the company.

We have been very well supported by the Anveo team throughout the entire project. The technical support team was a great help to us. We really enjoyed working on this project.

Astrid Grottke Sahle
Astrid Grottke
Controlling Facility Management
Sahle janitor working 2
edit tab Sahle App

The “Edit” tab includes all functions important for the facility manager when processing the claim, e.g. taking pictures, or adding notes.

More Information about the Anveo Service App

Experience new, completely digitized work processes for service technicians. Create a service report and print it out on-site. Take photos for documentation or check spare parts availability. All information is retrieved and captured via app – fully offline without contacting Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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