Features of Anveo Mobile App

The Anveo Mobile App provides a lot of powerful features for your mobile application. You can easily customize all features to your individual business requirements in your well-known environment: the Windows Client of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

› Flexibility

User Interface Design, Add new Tables, Offline Business Processes

› Maximum Compatibility

Laptop, Tablet PCs & Smart Phones
Windows, iPad/iPhone, Android
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 3.6 – 2018
and Dynamics 365 BC

› App Benefits

Signature, Create and Print PDFs, Barcode Scanner, Camera

› Performance

Synchronization, Full Offline Capability

› Security

Encrypted Data, Server Security

› Branding

Background, Text, Logo

Image: Technical structure of the Anveo Mobile App. Synchronize data smart and secure.


Customize the App User Interface in Microsoft Dynamics

In the Windows Client, RTC or Classic Client you can customize the appearance and behavior of our sample apps to your requirements with just a few mouse clicks. In Anveo Pages, you can select desired fields and define buttons and menus according to your needs.

Main Menu, Colors and Formatting

The main menu is flexible in design. Colors and formatting can be fixed or dynamic based on data. For example: The display of overdue tasks could be bold and in red while archive information could be gray.

Add New Tables and Fields

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Dynamics NAV offers a high grade of customization options. Our concept is this: Even your own complete, new data structures such as tables and fields (eg. in the 50,000 range) can be used in the app. Simply select tables and fields – done.

Own Business Processes with Anveo Script

With Anveo Script, an AL- and C/AL-like script language for the app, you can realize all business processes. Wizards, individual price calculations or other programming completes Anveo as a powerful tool.

Customize Anveo Mobile App

Watch in this video how you can add fields to your Anveo Mobile App solution. Simply select existing fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Dynamics NAV Windows Client and publish this information on your smart phones and tablet PCs.

This way, Anveo Mobile App empowers you to build any individual app user interface with some mouse-clicks only.

Maximum Compatibility

Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet-PC

Do you love your laptop, smartphone and tablet PC? So do we! However, while one likes iOS, the other likes Android or Windows. We offer for all systems its own app, which has its well-known appearance of the respective system – so you work most efficiently in a familiar environment. The setup for all systems is identical with no extra effort.

Anveo Supports Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft NAV 2009 R2 to 2018 and Navision from 3.6

Of course, Anveo runs on the current version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2018. However, Anveo also supports previous versions such as Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2017. With an easy technical update of the executables, you can even use Anveo with Navision versions from 3.6.

App Benefits


With Anveo’s signature feature, your customer can confirm any documents like quotes, orders, and service orders by signing on the tablet or smartphone directly or with a special pen. The signature is saved as an image and is available in Microsoft Dynamics.

Create and print PDFs offline

With the Anveo Mobile App you can create any reportdocument offline and print it directly on premise. The integrated PDF library allows a flexible layout of the company logo as well as any custom data on the device. All devices which can create PDF documents are supported.


Scan item numbers or other barcodes as well as QR codes easily with the integrated camera of your device. You can use a barcode to search in the database. For Example: Put a desired item in the sales order. For warehouse processes such as put-away, picking, movement and inventory, you can use special devices that offer an integrated laser scanner for maximum performance.

Camera and drawing function

Take advantage of the built-in camera for documentation of your work. Include photos to your service order or warehouse scenarios in the processing of returns and tie directly to the related record in Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, the app offers a design tool to highlight areas in the photo.
For Example: Simply mark damaged areas of an article or a machine.

Performance & Synchronization

Fastest Data Synchronization

Anveo provides with its Anveo Delta Server a perfect tool to track changes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision) for each app user in seconds. As a result, you save time and data bandwidth during synchronization because a minimum amount of data is transmitted only. This is the only app solution available for Microsoft Dynamics with this powerful feature as of now. (April 2016)

Accelerate your workflows by using the Quick Send Function

Instead of fully synchronizing to and from, the user can also choose to make a one-way sync (“Quick Send Function”) from the Anveo Mobile App to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Data will be processed immediately in the background. So, the user is able to continue working with the app right away since processing by the Anveo Delta Server does not take place. This gives your business the competitive advantage over other businesses, especially in time-critical processes.

A push notification can optionally be sent to the user to confirm data processing was successful.

Always-responsive app achieved by full-offline capability

You know this scenario. Whenever you need urgent information, your internet connection is slow or not available at all. Anveo Mobile offers the solution. While working with Anveo Mobile no internet is required. All data and business processes are located on the device. Synchronize data afterwards when internet is available – manually, automatically in background when idle or in key processes such as a sales order release.

Synchronization Management Options

You can flexibly configure performance of the synchronization button. Just define date and interval of a full data synchronization:

Have a detailed look at Anveo's various Synchronization Management Options

Kindly watch our webinar recording from 14 March, 2017.

In this video we present the new features of Anveo Version 8, e. g. extended Synchronization Management, Active Directory Integration and Multi Tenancy Support.


Encrypted data exchange and database

The mobile Anveo database on the device is encrypted, so even if a device is lost, no direct access is possible. The exchange of data is SSL is secured through an encrypted channel.

Your NAV Server is safe

Security is our top priority. We protect the heart of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the NAV Server, by our own Anveo Server. Our Anveo Mobile solution is currently the only mobile app solution available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (and Navision) that hides Web Services completely (January 2018). It is not available to the public as in most other app solutions.

Active Directory Login

User name and password will be taken directly from the Windows login. Passwords can only be changed in the Active Directory to ensure application of password guidelines. The changes will be transferred to the Anveo Mobile App with the next synchronization.

Multi Tenancy Support

Since Anveo Client Suite 8 Release, it is possible to serve multiple tenants while running Anveo on a single server. This saves resources on the SQL server and is often used for hosted multi-client systems.

Branding – Anveo Mobile App in your Corporate Identity

Your own Logo and Colors

Customize your Anveo Mobile App with only a few mouse clicks: Directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client. Just define your logo and colors, and the app will appear in your corporate design.

Easy Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics

Branding can be defined in the Anveo Mobile App User’s main menu. In the Windows Client, color properties and logo field are available. The logo will be scaled automatically and can be uploaded in png format with about 500×500 px. The set-up is almost identical for all mobile operating systems – due to technical differences between Android, iOS and Windows, not all color values are available in every system.

New Function available from Anveo Client Suite Version 7

The Branding function is availabe from Anveo Client Suite Version 7 and can be added susequently to existing Anveo Client Suite Versions. In order to update your Anveo Version please contact your Anveo Partner or take a look at the Anveo 7 Update Documentation.

Due to technical restrictions, Basic Branding won’t allow adjustments of app symbols and name. If you are interested in Extended Branding, our Partner Care Team will be happy to assist you.

Image: Branding of Start Menu

[1] Top Background Color, [2] Bottom Background Color, [3] Text Color, [4] Field Color, [5] Field Background Color, [6] Button Press Background, [7] Button Press Text, [8] Button Hover Background Color, [9] Button Hover Text Color

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Offline Capability

Your app becomes an always available, valuable tool for every day use due to full offline capability.

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