The Anveo Studio is open

Anveo Group has been known for providing mobile apps and EDI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics for more than 10 years.

As proud as we are of our solutions, there is one building block without which none of this would be possible: the team behind it all. Our employees are all important key players, who contribute to business success and make our products and services possible. We believe that a good business partnership is like a relationship. This can only work in the long term if you know and trust each other. To give you deeper insights into our mindset and way of working, we have set up our in-house studio.

Welcome to the Anveo Studio!

We would like to shine more of a spotlight on our team. What initially sounded like a crazy idea to us, we were actually able to implement faster than expected: We converted our meeting room into an in-house studio! It’s a permanent home for our regular video productions, where the Anveo team takes the starring role. Want to learn more? Check out the first episode of our video series “Anveo Café”!

What motivates us as a company? Our philosophy is based on close customer relationships and transparent communication: When you choose an Anveo solution, you are not just buying a product, you are entering into a business relationship. In the future, we would like to give you a behind the scenes look at who you are working with! In our first Anveo Café, Nils Peemöller (CEO) and Sebastian Fischer (Marketing) discuss our current marketing strategies and video production. In particular, we will get to the bottom of the question “Why?”. Follow us on LinkedIn to ensure you never miss an episode and leave us your thoughts in the comments!

BC TechDays 2022 in Antwerp

On September 15-16 BC TechDays is back after a two-year break! Anveo will be in Antwerp once again as a Platinum Sponsor. We’re looking forward to spending two days doing what we seldom have the chance to do with customers: Losing ourselves in comprehensive, technical details and philosophizing about the fine details of software.

We will be happy to give you a deep dive into our solutions. Come to Belgium and use this unique chance to exchange ideas and knowledge with developers and entrepreneurs who are as passionate about the Dynamics world as you are!

The BC TechDays are, as always, organized by and you can expect two days full of interesting sessions which highlight the technical side of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/ NAV. The conference is taking place at the Kinepolis Event Center, in the heart of Antwerp.

Will we see you there?

Microsoft Universal Code Initiative

Microsoft has launched the Universal Code Initiative for BC OnPrem. As a result, Microsoft will require Dynamics ISV solutions to be developed as fully cloud-optimized extensions. We can with a clear conscience say, that due to the availability of our mobile app and EDI in Microsoft AppSource, we will soon be able to offer the full functionality of our OnPrem solutions with Universal Code. As soon as June, we guarantee full compatibility for our Anveo products Anveo Mobile App and Anveo EDI Connect. You can find out more about the changes and what you need to be aware of here.

Anveo Mobile App

If you are a user of an earlier, C/AL based OnPrem installation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 through Dynamics 365 Business Central 14, or a user of an AL based installation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 13 through 19, these versions are not compliant with the Universal Code Initiative. However, we will continue to offer backward compatibility.

Another option is the Anveo Mobile App for BC Online and OnPrem with Universal Code. Here we provide full support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central versions 14 and newer. These versions fully comply with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Universal Code initiative.

Anveo EDI Connect

With the current OnPrem variant, you can send or receive files directly from Dynamics using common transfer protocols via free optional components. You can also store files locally or in network paths. While the OnPrem variant is not compatible with the Universal Code Initiative because of these communication components, we will continue to offer it as a legacy build for existing customers.

For Anveo EDI Connect, we have been offering a BC-Online variant on AppSource for some time. This AppSource version is already compatible with or has no impact on the Microsoft Universal Code Initiative.

On this basis, there will be a new OnPrem variant for EDI Connect which will be compatible with the Microsoft Universal Code Initiative. Data exchange here will be possible via our Managed File Transfer Service (MFT) in the Anveo Cloud or via a free Windows service that will be installed locally.

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