We’ve got news to „share”!

You may be just as surprised as we are, but after we rubbed our eyes in disbelief, we realized: the year is already half over, and June has arrived! The Anveo team, who are mostly based in the less sunny Hamburg, is already looking forward to summer.

Kayleen Hannigan and share Success Story

We awaited even more joyfully, and less frantically, the Days of Knowledge! While it has long been an established event in Odense, Denmark, this year the concept was redefined under the leitmotif “Your local Dynamics 365 Business Central Conference”. This meant the adding of two new venues: Birmingham (UK) and Düsseldorf (Germany). The additional dates made for the chance not just to collect the kilometers, but the perfect opportunity to collect insight from the community. A huge thumbs up from the Anveo team. More about this in our newsletter below!

There were also quite a few insightful findings with our customer share. What makes the Berlin-based company special is its unique “buy one – share one” principle. With every product sold, a matching donation is made. For example, you bought a bottle of water? Then someone in need gets access to clean water. A simple yet ingenious principle. This concept was loved by their customers, and it quickly became clear that a move away from completely manual ordering and invoicing processes needed to take place. That’s where Anveo EDI Connect came into play.

The share Success Story

The startup from the german capital city, originally founded in 2018, won over many customers right away. Matteo Dubini, ERP manager at share, explained that from the start, the company was already working at full capacity in terms of order and invoice volumes. This was mainly due to the mass of repetitive tasks caused by manual processes. To ensure further growth and improve ROI within the teams, an EDI solution was needed. This is how the cooperation between share and Anveo came to be.

Matteo Dubini share

After the initial customers were integrated via Anveo EDI Connect, a significant reduction in errors was noticeable in all incoming processes. As each process builds on the next, this led to an increase in efficiency throughout the company: From order creation and processing to shipping and invoicing. As a result, the decision was made to integrate additional customers.

In October 2022, share processed more than 3500 transactions per month via Anveo EDI Connect. This included nine live integrations for eleven customers and one logistics service provider. Transactions include inbound orders, delivery order confirmations, goods receipts, stock movements, inventory reports, and proof of delivery, as well as outbound order confirmations, delivery orders, and invoices.

In 2023, share is targeting an increase to 4000-5000 transactions per month as the company expands its customer and supplier network.

Days of Knowledge on Tour!

It’s coming sooner than you think: from November 1st -3rd, the Dynamics community will be meeting in Lyon France for Directions EMEA! A fantastic opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas.

Are the Days of Knowledge then still useful as additional conference dates?

Changes in the Dynamics World

Perhaps we should take a trip down memory lane – we all love to reminisce and let ourselves be carried away by waves of nostalgia. Without getting too emotional, let’s look at it matter-of-factly: The world has changed quite a bit in the last ten years and, of course, the Dynamics world has changed with it. While Microsoft once released a new Dynamics version every one to two years, nowadays this happens in shorter and shorter intervals, especially due to BC Online. Technologies continue to evolve, and new innovations are added. Trends are changing faster; digital processes are becoming more and more self-evident and thus the demand for them is also growing.

To answer our admittedly provocative initial question: Yes, these additional events make sense!

In our view, they are a logical consequence of the changes mentioned. We as a community should use this more frequent exchange as an opportunity to better respond to market shifts.

As luck would have it, Kay Hannigan was at the Days of Knowledge in Odense, Denmark at the time the linked video was recorded. She discussed the topic together with Nils Peemöller. Take a look!

Price adjustments for Anveo Service Plans and Subscriptions

As you know, Microsoft announced that they will be raising the prices on their service plans this autumn. To maintain an understandable pricing structure, we will be matching this change from Microsoft.

As a result, starting October 01, 2023, the Anveo service plan will be 18% of the license value and will entitle users to download the latest version of Anveo or extend the license. This change applies to both EDI and Mobile App licenses.

At Anveo, we are committed to providing you with our usual high-quality solutions, reliable IT infrastructure, and support. Therefore, we want to inform you that we will also be adjusting the prices of our subscription licenses.

All new prices will apply as of October 1, 2023, and the details can be found as usual on our website.

Our current service plan and subscription prices will remain in effect until September 30th, 2023.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us immediately. Our Partner Care team is happy to help you.

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