We proudly present…

In the past months, our team has been working on many innovations and several of them are ready for release. We are super excited to present you the latest Anveo news and product developments:

  • A new base app for delivery scenarios
  • The Anveo Managed File Transfer for EDI Connect Projects in BC Online
  • A new Anveo Mobile App Success Story

Anveo Delivery App – the smart solution for your delivery processes

With the Anveo App Builder, you can create your individual, offline-capable app with just a few clicks. In order to make configuration as easy as possible for you, we provide various sample solutions, so-called “base apps”, for the most popular deployment scenarios:

The Anveo Delivery App is a modern, intuitive tool that will simplify your deliveries. Provide your drivers with mobile access to all important delivery information at any time and from anywhere, regardless of the internet connection. Benefit from optimized delivery processes and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Like all our base apps, the Anveo Delivery App offers many useful features that can be flexibly customized to your needs:

  • GPS navigation to the delivery location
  • Documentation of quantity discrepancies or damages
  • Recording of returns, pallets, or empties
  • Proof of delivery via signature or photo
  • Printing of the delivery report

Fast, reliable, efficient. With the new Anveo Delivery App, you digitalize the entire process for product deliveries.

Would you like to get to know the new Anveo Delivery App? Download our demo app or arrange a personal presentation with our Partner Care Team. We look forward to your call at +49 (0)40/ 211 078 100 or email us at [email protected].

To test the demo app, please proceed as described below:

1. Download the Anveo Mobile App

iPad und iPhone App im App Store    Android app on Google Play    EN Anveo Mobile App Download Microsoft Store

2. Download the Delivery Demo App

Server: my.anveogroup.com
Port: 7020
User: delivery_en
PW: demo

Or alternatively click the link or scan the QR code:

Anveo Managed File Transfer – a web service for secure data transfer between EDI partners in BC Online

Anveo EDI Connect is a powerful tool for your electronic data exchange in Microsoft Dynamics. Our solution offers many features to implement your EDI requirements quickly and easily.

For the last 18 months, Anveo EDI Connect has been available for Business Central Online (Public Cloud/ SaaS) in addition to on-premises and private cloud installations. However, due to the cloud environment, some technical peculiarities need be taken into account. For example, Microsoft does not offer a local file system for data exchange and custom libraries may also not be used for security reasons.

In order to manage the data transfer in BC online, there are two options:

  1. You can develop your own code unit for the desired protocols.
    Anveo provides an AL code template for this purpose, but the responsibility for data exchange remains completely yours.
  2. You can use the new Anveo Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform.
    This is a “communication handler” developed by Anveo that enables automated file exchange in the BC Online environment. Anveo handles the data communication between your Dynamics system and your communication partners.
Anveo Managed File Transfer

The Anveo MFT service reflects our philosophy of providing a simple and comprehensive solution for the implementation of EDI projects: process consulting, technology, and implementation know-how. A one-stop shop for your EDI needs.

Would you like to learn more about the terms and conditions of the Anveo MFT service? Our Partner Care Team will be happy to help you at +49 (0)40/ 211 078 100 or send an email to [email protected].

The MFT Dashboard provides an overview of your data transfers.
The MFT Inbox gives detailed information about incoming and outgoing messages.
Using the web interface, you can create new partner connections by yourself.
The MFT Dashboard provides an overview of your data transfers.

Anveo Success Story: Sahle

Sahle is one of the leading private housing providers in Germany with more than 22,000 apartments in over 40 cities. Sahle’s facility managers process approximately 36,000 damage reports and around 900 renovation projects per year.

Before implementing Anveo Mobile, the facility managers did not have access to the ERP system. The information transfer was inefficient, which delayed the processing of damage reports.

Using Anveo App Builder, the Sahle team created a custom app that allowed them to significantly simplify, accelerate, and standardize their processes. All employees involved in a damage process have access to the same data and facility managers can view all relevant information at any time. Read here how Sahle developed a fully offline-capable app on their own that exceeded their expectations and significantly increased customer satisfaction.

Sahle janitor working 2
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