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In the Anveo Solution Finder you find an overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) web solutions based on Anveo Web Portal. These solutions are available directly by our partners and are not content of the Anveo license.

For further details about the range of functions, availability and terms and conditions available exclusively from our partners, please contact your Anveo representative or our partner relations team who will be delighted to forward your inquiry to a partner in your area. He or she will gladly answer any questions you may have and demonstrate the key benefits and easy handling which are hallmarks of Anveo’s innovative products.
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Epimatic ProjectPath provides a leading-edge fully-integrated solution suite for professional services organizations. ProjectPath enables users to effectively plan the path (tasks, budget, schedule) for a given project, and then manages workflow and provides tools to keep resources on track to achieve product goals. ProjectPath is a comprehensive integrated (one solution) project management suite covering all activities from planning through to time/expense entry, through to billing, through to post mortem analysis and future optimization.

The Anveo Web Desk is used in ProjectPath to implement a web interface for remote users. All web users have a “home page” highlighting work to be done, like email notifications, automated task status updating, etc.



Besides the web interface, ProjectPath consists of the following parts:

  • Project Setup and Planning
  • Resource Management and Planning
  • Scheduling and Workflow Management
  • Issue Management
  • Project Management
  • Analytics

Partner Contact


2 College Street Unit 111
Toronto Ontario M5G 1K3

Mr. Rob Hansen
Phone +1 647 288 01 – 58

The certified industry solution TRASER DealerManagementSystem has been developed together with leading companies in the agricultural and construction machines trading industry. The solution is field-tested and allows transparency even in the most complex business processes. TRASER DealerManagementSystem contains the approved functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC an Dynamics NAV and also satisfies all industry specific machine trading needs.

The integration of Anveo Web Desk allows distributors to provide their customers inventory stock access. This is possible even without installing an application on site or downloading software.


Via an encrypted connection with individual login, every customer only has access to the information intended for them. This also applies of course to individual pricings, bulk discounts and special offers.
All item data that has been released by the distributor are shown in real time on the customer’s computer or mobile device. Pre-sales activities and orders are possible and trigger a pre-determined approval process by the distributor.

As one satisfied customer, “Peter Clausen Landtechnik GmbH” reports: “in the past, it was a full time job for one member of staff, receiving requests related to availability of items, retrieving the stock from inventory and handling order processes.

Today we can now use more than half of that valuable working time for other processes.”


TRASER DealerManagementSystem and Anveo Web Portal

  • Insight into the stock in real time: no more wrong orders caused by erroneous displays of inventory
  • A system for searching items simplifies the search for specific items for you and your customers
  • Individual prices, discounts and offers based on personal login data
  • Secure encrypted data connection
  • Pre-sales activities for orders now possible
  • Real time stock-taking
  • Obvious reduction of time spent on the phone

Partner Contact

TRASER Software GmbH

Schauenburgerstr. 116
24118 Kiel

Mr. Torben Weber
Phone +49 (0) 431 / 221399 0

The solution REPortal is a craftsman portal for real estate companies based on Anveo and Microsoft Dynamics. The Anveo Web Desk solution is a web based extension coupled to the certified industry solution RELion.

The online craftsman portal enables quick commissioning of repair orders by the housing company to a craftsman and quick payment of invoices by the craftsman.

This simplifies the order and invoicing content and enables though a personal login to the solution RELion to create (blanket) orders by the craftsman himself.
The craftsman portal is fully integrated in the ERP System RELion® (based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV®) used by the housing company. Actions done by the craftsman in REPortal are simultaneously accomplished in the ERP System RELion®. There are no delays caused by data synchronization.

As a result, both the housing company and the craftsman are always up to date and can track changes in real-time. The craftsman portal is accessible via the internet with every common web browser. Multiple staff members of the crafts enterprise with their personal logins can have access to the portal simultaneously.

There is no more need for correspondence by letter between the housing company and the crafts enterprise for assignments,invoices or certificates of employment, etc.

The solution is in use for example in the GBH “Gesellschaft für Bauen und Wohnen mbH, Hanover”, a real estate management company based in Hanover, Germany.
The company administrates more than 14,000 apartments on behalf of the city of Hanover.

Partner Contact

mse Immobiliensoftware GmbH

Jarrestraße 2
22303 Hamburg

Mr. Carsten Heidtmann
Phone +49 (0)40/534 35 1-52

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