What’s New Anveo Mobile App und EDI Connect 2023

Top 10 News Mobile App and EDI Connect 2023

At Anveo, we have not been idle over the past year when it comes to product development. We have been working hard on our Anveo Mobile Apps and Anveo EDI Connect.

But that’s not all: on top of that, there are new, interesting services and fixed-price implementations that offer more project security, expand our offerings, and make them clearer.

In total, we’ve got 10 news for you! You want to get more information about our recent updates in the Anveo Mobile App and Anveo EDI Connect?

Top 5 Anveo Mobile App News

While our team has spent the last few years ensuring BC Online and Universal code readiness, we’re moving on to even more: in this video, we’re sharing our top 5 Anveo Mobile App news stories, and there’s something for everyone – for developers, consultants, and decision makers

Number 1 The “App Features” Wizard

Who doesn’t want a faster and easier project go-live? Last year, we introduced our 5-minute installation for cloud solutions. This year we’re kicking it up a notch with the 5-minute setup! Here’s how it works: The new “App Features” wizard asks a few questions, such as: are quotes or orders needed in the Sales App? What about digital signatures? Your preconfigured app is ready for use in the blink of an eye.

Number 2 “Checklists”

Are you still using paper forms? Take a look at our new Anveo Mobile App “Checklists”: With just a few clicks, a user is able to set up digital forms – directly in Dynamics! These can be inspection reports, surveys, handover protocols – there are no limits to the possibilities. And of course, this feature is 100% no-code.

Number 3 “Anveo Mobile App – Quality Review

We all want satisfied users and low support overheads. We’re here to proactively support our partners and customers in this important task! With the Anveo Quality Review, we take care of a system review on a periodic basis. This includes possibly upcoming process improvements, and of course technical optimizations, such as updates and speed improvements. Users are actively supported on a permanent and regular basis, so the system runs smoothly, and support resources are conserved.

Number 4 “Anveo Mobile App fixed-price packages”

Wouldn’t you also like to live in a world where you have planning security in your IT projects? Anveo now provides that security and you benefit from our experience in hundreds of successful app projects. The result: implementation of mobile app solutions at a fixed project price. How does it work? An Anveo consultant reviews the desired requirements in a free online appointment, and then we provide a quote for the project.

Number 5 “New design”

To make the solution even more visually appealing, our team has invested heavily in a new design. In just a few steps, your App is ready to use – automatically optimized for use on various devices – and always looking stylish.

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Top 5 EDI Connect News

Over the past few years, our team has been working hard to ensure BC Online and Universal Code readiness. Now we’re continuing our efforts to bring you fantastic new product features. In this video, we’d like to share our top 5 Anveo EDI Connect news. Whether you’re a developer, consultant, or decision maker, we’ve got you covered!

Number 1 “AI-powered EDI”

Anyone setting up an electronic data interchange directly in Microsoft Dynamics, appreciates our Mapping Wizard: It quickly and easily sets up the structure of an incoming and outgoing message. This is a huge time saver, especially when working with data formats like EDIFACT. Now we’re taking it one step further with our latest version: Assignment of tables and fields will also automatically be handled via an AI. The result: A mapping that is almost immediately ready to use.

Number 2 “Mapping Templates”

One of our goals has always been to make setting up import and export mappings as fast as possible. We are achieving this goal by introducing ready-to-use mapping templates that quicken the setup process drastically. This includes the German e-invoicing standard “XRechnung”, as well as messages for trading partners, such as the typical supplier process for Amazon Europe.

Number 3 “Anveo EDI Connect – Quality Review”

We all want satisfied users and low support overhead. From now on, we are proactively committed to supporting our partners and customers in this crucial task. With the Anveo EDI Connect Quality Review, we conduct regular system reviews that include potential process improvements as well as technical optimizations such as updates and an increase in automation. The user is actively being guided, the system runs smoothly, and you spend less resources on support.

Number 4 “EDI at a fixed price”

Electronic data exchange for Microsoft Dynamics as a fixed-price project? It’s safe to say we’ve gathered the experience to offer you maximum project security! You benefit from hundreds of successfully completed EDI projects: From now on, you can choose a fixed price project to implement typical EDI messages such as purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications, and invoices. How does it work? An Anveo EDI Connect specialist reviews the requirements in a free online appointment, and then we decide on a suitable quote.

Number 5 “Faster, more flexible, more stable”

With our latest product enhancements to the Anveo EDI Connect solution, we offer increased automation and stability. For example: in processing and in sending, and receiving data, our new “auto-retry” feature eliminates manual user interaction, which ultimately reduces support time. Especially interesting for developers: with enhanced debugging functions, development is sped up considerably. In addition, our new File Exchange Service (FES) offers an uncomplicated way to transfer data directly into Microsoft Dynamics, which is especially interesting for the cloud world with BC Online.

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What’s New Webinars

Below you find our recording of both Anveo EDI Connect and Anveo Mobile App. We’ll show you our latest Anveo EDI Connect and Anveo Mobile App features in detail and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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