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Burlingame Industries – an easily customizable solution for multiple industries

Burlingame Industries, Inc. is privately held, family-owned corporation based in Rialto, California. It consists of more than 20 different divisions operating in various industries. The oldest and largest of these is Eagle Roofing, a manufacturer of concrete roof tiles with four manufacturing plants and two stocking yards servicing the United States and Canada.

Another division is Mountain Lakes, a private membership campground. This 5-star camping and fishing resort is located in the San Bernardino National Forest, California. Members can enjoy a multitude of activities and amenities, where families have been making memories for generations. Their philosophy is to provide the finest possible outdoor recreation experience, facilities, and services possible.

A newer division that will soon use the App, Innovacyn, is dedicated to wound care management products in both human health and veterinary markets. All companies are considered separate legal entities of Burlingame Industries but some departments, such as IT, are centralized.

Eagle Roofing logo

Founded: 1989

Industry: Various

Headquarters: Rialto, California, USA

Go-live with Anveo: 80 users in total

Initial Situation and Requirements

Burlingame was looking for a native Dynamics app for their NAV system that they could develop themselves. They looked at other solutions, but preferred the offline capability that Anveo offered. The integration in Dynamics was also a contributing factor, as they liked the clean and simple communication between the App and their Dynamics. It was a big plus to be able to tell the App to push and pull data directly from Dynamics.

The following requirements should be met by the app:

  • Native app, customizable by own developers
  • 100% offline capable
  • Good integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Collect a digital signature
  • Entirely paperless processes
  • Easy to use

“Creativity is the limit when working with the Anveo App.”

Alex Flores Burlingame Industries
Alex Flores
Senior Database Administrator

Decision Making

Burlingame had looked at other solutions previously, but preferred the features offered by Anveo. They contacted the Anveo team for a test license and demo. The deciding features were the digital signature collection and ability to use a barcode scanner, which made it an easy decision to go with Anveo.

Initial situation before implementing the Anveo Mobile App

  • All processes were completed on paper, including
    loading, stock movement, and assigning work
  • Large time delays in both processing and archiving
  • High number of mistakes due to manual processes

Benefits of using Anveo

  • Completely paperless processes
  • Faster processing overall, including expense
    reports, inventory, and work orders
  • Improved digital communication both internally and
  • Improved data quality

Main Tasks of Anveo Mobile App at Eagle Roofing

  • Loading app
  • Bin movement / inventory app
  • Sales app for capturing of expenses

Anveo Mobile App helps the forklift drivers to retrieve the bill of landing through the Anveo App to load the trucks. After they scan the BOL, the operator loads the quantities shown on the app. Once the load is completed, the operator takes pictures of the load to prove that the load was done properly, before finally collecting the driver’s signature.

Once the shipment is posted, the customer can log in to the Eagle Roofing portal and download the invoice and shipment details with the matching pictures and signature.

The forklift drivers also use the Anveo Mobile App for bin movement and inventory. As the tile locations in the yard are logged in Dynamics, it is easy for the team to see and update the locations as they move stock around the yard: adding new stock from the ovens and replenishing empty locations. When doing inventory every month or so, the team has access to the count sheets, and can directly log the amounts in the App, transferring the updated quantities directly back to Dynamics.

The Eagle Roofing sales team has a different scenario for their Anveo App, where they log their expenses. They can create a new expense, add pictures of receipts, log the type of expense, and send the report for approval. Managers have an extra module to view the total expenses and sales, which can then be approved and synched to Dynamics.

Main Tasks of the Anveo Mobile App at Mountain Lakes

  • Work order app
  • Wristband control app

The Mountain Lakes team uses their Anveo Mobile App in two separate teams. The campground needs upkeep – housekeeping, rangers, customer service, and normal maintenance – so the Burlingame team created work orders. Each team can create a work order, assign this to a department, write a description, take pictures, and send this to the correct team lead. Team leads can then add a status, complete-by date, and priority, and then assign the work order internally. Each team member can see their tasks for the day and process them accordingly. Dynamics itself even creates work orders, such as a housekeeping request when a visitor has checked out of a cabin. Nearly 80% of employees are using the app.

A newer, soon to be released app is linked to the barcode wristbands issued to every visitor, to help control who is in the park. These barcodes link to the reservation in Dynamics, and campground staff can quickly scan these and view the details. This will help staff, both at the gates and the restaurant and bar, and in case of any fire or incidents.

Main Tasks of the Anveo Mobile App at Innovacyn

  • Bin movement / inventory App

The Innovacyn team is also looking to use the Anveo Mobile App for their stock movements and inventory. As a similar app already exists for Eagle Roofing, the Burlingame team will be able to implement this with only a few modifications, such as racks instead of bins.

Project Realization

Once the decision had been made to go with Anveo, things moved very quickly. Burlingame worked with an implementation partner in the US, NAVDNA, who provided them with a week of onsite training. It was during this first training that they were able to complete the first version of the loading app. All testing and additional enhancements were later done by Alex Flores and his team.

Burlingame has their own IT team and own sandbox. This is very important to their owner, so that they are able to handle everything inhouse, without waiting on quotes or availability from a partner. They need to be agile with their changes, and even complete same-day updates.

Summary and Outlook

The Anveo Mobile App has enabled Burlingame to significantly accelerate their process, removing errors, and going nearly paperless. The Eagle Roofing teams now have the latest information, digitally accessible both on the road and in the yard. The Mountain Lakes teams can quickly respond to any maintenance requests and access all relevant reservation information at any time.

If an App works for one division, the Burlingame’s team tries to mimic this for the other companies, customized to the individual needs and business processes. As such, they are looking at taking the bin movement and inventory App used for Eagle Roofing and implement this for Innovacyn, after making a few customizations.

Eagle Roofing Main Menu Anveo Mobile App

The Eagle Roofing forklift drivers have access to all their processes from the main screen.

The Eagle Roofing forklift drivers can scan BOLs directly in the Anveo Mobile App.

The Mountain Lakes app allows their team to register all the needed details to complete a work order.

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