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Anveo Sales App for Mobile Data Access

All data available at any time: Work facilitation for field staff thanks to the Anveo Mobile App

TOPIGS-SNW GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of breeding pig genetics worldwide and is known for its unique breeding program. Research, innovation and the development of genetic progress are the cornerstones of the company.

The core business of TOPIGS-SNW GmbH is to supply farmers with high-quality gilts and boar sperm. The company is constantly growing because more and more piglet producers are convinced of the products as well as the expertise and service.

Initial Situation

TOPIGS-SNW works service-oriented with qualified field staff directly on site at the farms. Before switching to Anveo, a program was used in which customer and company information as well as visit reports could only be recorded and read via the stationary computer in the office.

“The evening before a company visit, the required customer information had to be printed out so that it could be available the following day,” says Martin Gerdes, sales representative at Topigs Norsvin. He further describes that the data maintenance was very incomplete, as it was too complicated for many employees to keep the data up to date in the postprocessing.

Finally I have all the necessary operating information always and everywhere at hand and after visiting the farmer I can enter all the information into the programme so that my colleagues know what’s going on!

Martin Gerdes
Sales Representative, Sales NRW

Business field: Supplier of breeding pig genetics

Employees: 50

Sites: Headquarters in Vught (Netherlands), Senden (Germany)

Go-Live with Anveo: Offline Sales App in use since early 2015

Situation before the introduction of Anveo

  • Data maintenance incomplete and complicated
  • Customer and operating information only on the stationary computer in the office
  • Loss of information due to lack of mobile availability

Profits through Anveo

  • Permanent access to all operating information
  • Quality of data has been improved
  • Traceability of sales

Requirements and Implementation

Topigs Norsvin was looking for a mobile solution that would provide its field staff with all relevant data (including visit reports, company information and current delivery information) anytime, anywhere – regardless of the Internet connection. The sales staff should be able to quickly and easily acquire the latest information and enter new data while on the move.

The Anveo Mobile App was individually adapted to the customer’s requirements and to the workflows in the agricultural sector – no problem at all due to the flexibility of the solution. In order to be able to use the Anveo App, all sales representatives were equipped with tablets.

Result and Conclusion

Lukas Keil sums up the main advantages of the app: “By using the Anveo app, we now have all the operating information directly at hand, even those that were previously less important or for which we spared the effort of data maintenance. Previously, this data was only recorded in visit reports – today, everything is available at a glance. As far as time permits, our sales representatives write the visit report on the tablet directly after the conversation with the farmer. For the farmer himself, they use the App to inform yourself about current deliveries or complaints. Another advantage of the Anveo App is that it works offline. Only for data transmission or synchronization with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a connection to the Internet necessary.”

Topigs Norsvin also benefits from the traceability of sales: each sales representative was assigned his own salesman code, allowing all entries to be displayed in an overview table. Due to the significantly improved data maintenance and filter functions in the app, simple evaluations can also be carried out very quickly. Certain settings can also be used to assign e-mail distributors to the companies, which support Topigs Norsvin in sending information such as invitations to events.

Screenshot Anveo Sales App Topigs Norsvin

Start menu of the Anveo Mobile Sales App adapted to the needs of Topigs Norsvin.

Anveo offers us the possibility to bring the most important information of our companies to the field service. And to use them where they are needed.

Lukas Keil
Communication & Reproduction

More Information about the Anveo Sales App

Connect your mobile sales team to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Give your sales personnel access to their debtors, contact details, quotes and orders, product data and stock information and prices. Optimize with the Anveo Mobile App your sales process significantly, for example orders are transmitted directly to your ERP system after the meeting. Save valuable business time.

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