Success Story | Anveo Sales App for BÜHNEN

„Dynamics NAV Available Anywhere Anytime“: BÜHNEN optimizes the workflows of its field staff with Anveo

Initial Situation

With the decision for Anveo Mobile Sales App, BÜHNEN benefits from a NAV system which is available anywhere and anytime, regardless of the network coverage. Before having introduced Anveo, the sales representatives had to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV with their laptop via a terminal server. This procedure required a stable Internet connection, which is not always given on the road. In addition, booting up the laptop was very time-consuming. As a result, instead of looking up some urgently required information theirselves, the outside sales people prefered to call their back office colleagues to attain the information much faster.

Following customer meetings, the notes were recorded on paper and the meeting report was transferred to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system at a later time. Sometimes even the resulting tasks could only be completed with a certain delay – in the worst case only on Fridays, when the salesperson was back in the office.

We were convinced by the offline-capable Anveo Mobile App right away. It is easy to learn and intuitive to handle for both users and developers.

Jan Kosiankowski
Head of IT and Organization

Requirements and Solution

In order to optimize these processes, BÜHNEN looked for a software solution which:

  • Is 100% offline-capable
  • Guarantees a quick and easy access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Enables the sales representatives to complete specific tasks while they are still on the road
  • Is easy to learn

„Since we already used an earlier version of Anveo Mobile, at that time still a pure online solution, the company Anveo was already known to us as a reliable business partner“, explains Jan Kosiankowski, Head of IT and Orgainization at BÜHNEN. His colleague Tessa Meyer, Head of Sales Support, completes: „However, we quickly noticed how important the permanent NAV access is for our sales staff in the field, even when the internet connection is low. That’s why we were absolutely thrilled with the new offline functionality of Anveo.“

Individuelles Anveo Mobile App Cockpit für BÜHNEN

Individual Anveo Mobile App Cockpit for BÜHNEN – field staff will get quick access to all relevant information, e. g. contacts.

Angepasstes Kontext­menü auf der Kontaktkarte

Customized context menu on contact card – sales representatives can select the most important actions quick and easy, e. g. creating a meeting report.

Main Tasks of the Anveo Mobile App at BÜHNEN

  • Find contacts by using the search function and call them
  • Prepare for customer meetings, e. g. open complaints
  • Create meeting reports right after the customer’s appointment, do not longer collect tasks until the office day
  • Create quotations directly from the contact card and hand them over to the back office colleagues for further processing
Bühnen Mitarbeiter

Project Implementation And Results

The advantages of the Anveo Sales App were obvious for BÜHNEN. After extensive tests, the solution was introduced in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands at the beginning of 2015.

“It wasn’t our goal to represent the complete NAV system on the app, but to show only the core functions, which are really relevant for the sales colleagues,” says Jan Kosiankowski. This means that every sales person can only see his or her own customers and does not have to navigate through the complete data base. The inhouse colleagues, e. g. our product managers, have unrestricted access. They also use the app when they are on a business trip.”

Summary And Outlook

With the Anveo Mobile App, BÜHNEN’s field staff in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands can always access Microsoft Dynamics NAV to get the necessary data and react immediately to customers‘ requirements. Data can be synchronized with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system as soon as there is an internet connection. This ensures fluent workflows regardless of the network coverage. Data quality and sales processes were optimized significantly.

„The cooperation with Anveo was very good during the whole project. We felt well supported by the Anveo team and our expectations were fulfilled“, says Tessa Meyer. „For this year, the implementation of Anveo Mobile App in Poland, our last remaining location, is planned. We are currently at the testing stage.“

Our field staff colleagues are glad to use the Anveo Mobile App, some are truly enthusiastic about it. Tasks can now be done much faster and more efficiently, for example the compilation of meeting reports. They don’t even have to be typed. Thanks to the very popular voice entry feature, the creation is now easier than ever.

Tessa Meyer
Head of Sales Support

Initial situation before the introduction of Anveo

  • NAV Access only if the coverage is adequate
  • Inefficient Information transfer
  • Delayed task processing
  • Optimization needs with regard to data updates

Gains through the Anveo Sales App

  • Permanent access to the NAV system
  • Transparent customer communication
  • Improved workflows between sales reps and back office
  • Increase of sales efficiency

About Bühnen

The company BÜHNEN is known for international expertise in the field of modern hot melt systems and one of the leading enterprises in Europe. Founded in 1922 as a small handicraft business, today the owner-operated family business develops tailored solutions for a multitude of requirements in more than 100 different industries worldwide.

Furthermore, BÜHNEN provides the full service range from on-site consulting and tests in their own application laboratory to a 24-hour delivery service – a unique selling point on the market.

Bühnen Gebäude
Bühnen Logo

Founded: 1922

Industry: development and sales of hot melt adhesives and the appropriate application tools

Employees: 80

Headquarters: Bremen (Germany)

Sites: branch offices in Austria, Germany, Poland and the Nether­lands, as well as an inter­national network of dealers

Go-Live with Anveo: offline sales app has been in use since the beginning of 2015

More Information about the Anveo Sales App

Connect your mobile sales team to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Give your sales personnel access to their debtors, contact details, quotes and orders, product data and stock information and prices. Optimize with the Anveo Mobile App your sales process significantly, for example orders are transmitted directly to your ERP system after the meeting. Save valuable business time.

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