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With Anveo EDI Connect, Mack Brewery goes far beyond the standard EDI process

Macks Ølbryggeri (Mack Brewery) is the northernmost brewery in the world and the fourth largest brewery in Norway. Founded in 1877 by Ludwig Markus Mack, the company has remained family-owned ever since. Mack produces 15 different beers, 13 types of soft drinks, and mineral water, as well as carrying out some licensed productions, such as for Coca-Cola. Their customers include companies, supermarkets, and industries.

Production Mack Brewery

Initial Situation and Requirements

Mack uses NORRIQ’s Drink-IT solution, an ERP system for the beverage industry which is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV. It supports beverage companies in managing their accounting and finance, supply chain, operations, CRM, and BI reporting. Additionally, Mack already had an EDI solution in place, but they were not 100% happy with its handling.

Andre Mortensen, IT Director at Mack Brewery remembers the initial situation: “When we first got in touch with Anveo, we were already using an EDI solution which we still run today. Our original EDI solution is basically middleware with a basis in web services, and as such, is very consultant driven. It only allows us to do some setup, but document processing and flow is outside of the scope of our employees. So, we wanted a more user driven solution that would enable us to set up more EDI integrations ourselves without involving external help.”

Logo Mack Brewery

Year of Foundation: 1877

Industry: Beverage

Headquarters: Tromsø, Norway

Employees: 150

Data formats: XML, CSV, EDIFACT and intercompany mappings

Go-live with Anveo: November 1st, 2018


The reason that we chose Anveo EDI Connect was because our Dynamics partner NORRIQ recommended it to us. We trust that NORRIQ has our best interests at heart and recommends only valuable solutions that meet our requirements. And, in this case it planned out very good.

Andre Mortensen
IT Director

Mack was looking for an EDI software, which would meet the following requirements:

  • 100% Microsoft Dynamics integrated
  • Compatible with NORRIQ’s DRINK-IT solution
  • Customizable according to Mack’s processes
  • Extendable to new business partners
  • Easy to learn and to handle

Project Implementation and Results

During a re-implementation of the Drink-IT solution, Mack also started implementing Anveo EDI Connect. Using the Anveo EDI documentation, Mack was able to complete the entire implementation on their own. Andre Mortensen summarizes the course of the project: “I received the development guide, and I went through it and did some testing. A couple of times, whenever I hit a problem, I would email the Anveo support team. I sent them my questions and they provided me with advice and best practices. We had a good cooperation. Their response was very helpful although it would have been easier if we had started the Anveo project with a basic training.”

Mack Brewery went live on November 1st, 2018 with the whole system. Everything needed to work from day one, since the integration took place directly in their production system.

Mack Brewery EDI Mapping

Import Mapping at Mack Brewery (TEXT format)

Mack uses Anveo EDI Connect in many ways. They have integrations for several EDI partners with different file types e.g., wholesaler partners, one-to-one connections, and public portals. Mr. Mortensen explains: “We process about 600 orders per month with Anveo. The software also handles production line integration. That is item information sent to the lines, and finished pallet production information sent from the line. We produce about 5000 pallets per month and all of those are registered through the system by Anveo. I have also made an integration from a third-party system for importing credit notes that should be processed and paid.”

Furthermore, Mack goes far beyond the standard EDI process in terms of importing and exporting data, according to Andre Mortensen: “I have also set up several intercompany mappings like register updates, housekeeping tasks, and automated changes in the system. For instance, we have a process that changes order status when an order is ready for invoicing. Previously, a person had to change the status manually before the order could be invoiced. Now, that operation is done automatically by Anveo which saves us about 30 minutes each day. And we have a lot of other, similar processes that were automated by using Anveo EDI Connect.”

Mack Brewery EDI Intercompany Mapping

Intercompany Mapping at Mack Brewery

Microbrewery Mack

Mack’s Microbrewery

The go-live process for our ERP system coincided with the implementation of Anveo. So, we had two projects in one. Since the Dynamics project took circa one year, I had enough time to integrate and test Anveo. About 90 days, I would say. But I think a customer who is just imple-menting Anveo into a current system, will need much less time. If the customer starts with a limited scope, it is going to be pretty fast.

Andre Mortensen
IT Director
Mack Brewery EDI Mapping List

Overview of EDI Mappings at Mack Brewery

The Anveo EDI Connect solution is very structured to a central idea of a loop. Once you understand the loop concept, everything is pretty easy and straightforward.

Andre Mortensen
IT Director

Summary And Outlook

Andre Mortensen summarizes the role of Anveo EDI Connect in their current IT environment: “The Anveo software takes care of our central processes. It is a big part of our installation. We still run the old solution for a few connections, but we were able to replace most of them with Anveo. Our plan is to move more and more from the original solution to Anveo EDI Connect as business needs provide an opportunity to do so. We will continue to go through the organization and identify workflows that can be automated with Anveo. It is a dynamic process. We are extending solution as we go.

With Anveo EDI Connect, we have a stable solution that has been working since day one. It is easy to maintain, and we have set up several new implementations after the go live. In my opinion, stability and maintainability are the best-selling points of the Anveo EDI solution.”

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More Information about Anveo EDI Connect

Anveo EDI Connect offers a unique and comprehensive software to exchange data with or within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Create EDI mappings with just one mouse click and benefit from automated business processes.

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