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Offline-capable Service App for Airport Technicians

Fast, flexible, reliable – the Anveo Service App meets the high IT requirements at major airports

IER GmbH offers comprehensive IT service solutions for desktop and self-service systems. Having its origins in the aviation sector, the company is now active in a wide range of industries.

Headquartered in Celle, Germany, IER operates facilities throughout Germany and serves customers in the airline and airport industry, public transport companies, as well as industrial and service companies.

Whether computer workstations, ticket vending machines, barrier systems, or access systems: from the initial installation or replacement of an existing infrastructure to on-site service, repair, and spare parts management, IER handles all tasks, allowing their customers to concentrate on their core business.

Logo IER GmbH

Founded: 1998 (at that time as Bajus & Schulte GmbH)

Industry: IT Services

Employees: 50, including approx. 35 technicians

Go-Live with Anveo: January 2018


Airport IER Success Story

Initial Situation and Requirements

In the course of a management buy-out, IER GmbH left the French parent company IER SAS in January 2017 and thus also the Oracle-based IT infrastructure. This was followed by the introduction of a new ERP system which better reflected the company’s own business processes and met the individual requirements of IER GmbH: Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Guido Bajus, Managing Director at IER, recalls: “We already had a kind of service app under Oracle, but it was quite outdated. The changeover to Dynamics offered us the opportunity to introduce a new, modern solution, which we also had precise ideas about.”

The mobile field service solution should meet the following requirements:

  • 100% offline capable
  • compatible with Microsoft Dynamics and Dime.Scheduler
  • usable on all mobile devices
  • individually customizable
  • easy to use, both for users and developers

“IER is all about flexibility, customer dedication and opti­mizing operational processes. We wanted our mobile service app to have the same attributes. Plus, we searched specifically for an add-on which would offer what Microsoft Dynamics does not: Full offline capability. With Anveo, we found a solution that meets our require­ments 100%.”

Guido Bajus IER GmbH
Guido Bajus
Managing Director

Decision Making

“In addition to key requirements such as offline capability and integration with Dynamics, it was also important to us that we could easily customize the app using our own resources. It is crucial for our business to be able to repeatedly adapt to the rapidly changing process requirements of various customer projects without having to make additional high investments in external developers,” explains Mr. Bajus. And he adds: “The decision in favor of Anveo was also driven by our Dynamics Partner akquinet, whose employees provided extensive support for our ERP implementation. Last but not least, we relied on their know-how and recommendation.”

Dirk Luhmann, authorized signatory of akquinet NEXT GmbH in Kiel, recalls: “When we were looking for an offline capable field service solution for Microsoft Dynamics, we immediately thought of the Anveo Mobile App. It provides users with quick and easy access to all relevant data from Microsoft Dynamics. The interface and processes can be configured to suit individual workflows with just a few clicks. Also, the excellent interface between Dynamics, Anveo and the graphical scheduling tool Dime.Scheduler was another reason for our recommendation.”

Logo dime scheduler

Dime.Scheduler is a browser-based software for easy, visual planning and allocation of resources (e.g. employees, machines, or materials) to specific tasks in Microsoft Dynamics. The scheduled tasks can be assigned per drag & drop and the information is automatically updated in Dynamics.

Main tasks of the Anveo Service App at IER

  • Display new service orders allowing them to be accepted, assigned to another partner, or rejected
  • Record processing time
  • Document the error(s) found
  • Document the work steps
  • List any spare parts used
  • View maintenance logs and order history
  • Record travel times and distance to site
  • Take photos
  • Get the customer’s signature

Project Implementation

“The implementation of the Anveo Service App was mainly done by our partner akquinet as part of our Dynamics rollout. The overall project was very extensive, but the pure Anveo part went relatively easily,” recalls Guido Bajus.

“The first step in introducing the mobile app solution was a detailed requirements analysis together with the Anveo team,” Mr. Bajus continues. “In order to reflect our extremely fast-moving business processes, Anveo’s standard service app had to be customized to a relatively high degree, but this was not a problem. After only three months, we were able to go live with the app and switch from the old to the new system without delay.”

Dime.Scheduler was implemented at the same time as Anveo. The different systems Microsoft Dynamics, Dime.Scheduler, and Anveo work perfectly together.
In order to stay up-to-date and have the most modern user interface available, IER migrated their ERP version from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central this year.

“We always adapt to our customers’ processes and introduce necessary process steps for new customers. Anveo offers us the greatest possible flexibility along the way. It is a very agile project in the best sense.”

Guido Bajus IER GmbH
Guido Bajus
Managing Director

Deployment of Anveo Service App at IER

IER’s service technicians use Anveo in various business areas. Due to the different workflows, three different service apps were implemented using the Anveo App Builder. Every app is customized to meet the specific requirements, processing thousands of service orders per month.

Process Example Desktop Service

A typical service order in the Desktop Service department is, for example, the initial setup of a PC or printer. Dispatchers schedule the service orders in advance using Dime.Scheduler. The respective technician receives the service order on their mobile device and drives to the specific order location on the given date. Each work step, from arrival to the customer’s signature, is documented in the Anveo Mobile App and synchronized to Dynamics. This allows the planner to track the progress of the order processing.

Process Example Airport Service

Service order processing in the airport environment is very time-critical and cannot be planned in advance. Since the maximum duration of troubleshooting is guaranteed by contract, every minute counts. Sometimes, the technician only has 15 minutes to find and fix the error. The creation of new service orders in Dynamics and the assignment and notification of technicians via Anveo Mobile App is therefore fully automated. A new service order is forwarded to the mobile devices of the respective technician group via push notification. One of the employees will accept the order and immediately provide an estimate of when he or she will be on site at the defective device. Anveo immediately synchronizes this information back to Dynamics and from there to the customer’s IT system. Any further status updates from the technician are also reported back immediately. This also applies vice versa, so that both sides always have up-to-date information.

Process Example Public Transport Service

The third and latest Anveo App supports IER in maintaining and troubleshooting about 800 ticket vending machines and ticket validators in the public transport system in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Anveo Mobile App Screenshot

On the first page, the technician can specify when they will arrive at the site (5, 10, or 15 minutes). Synchronization to Dynamics as well as to the customer is performed automatically.

Summary and Outlook

The implementation of Anveo saves a lot of work and time for the service technicians at IER GmbH. The process steps have been standardized and the employees can complete a service order more quickly. Furthermore, the process automation increases the overall service quality.

“We get extremely positive feedback on the Anveo Mobile App from our users,” Mr. Bajus is pleased to report. “Thanks to the push notifications, technicians receive new service orders directly on their cell phones and do not have to download the data via email first. The fast and easy handling of the app is also appreciated. Thanks to Anveo, service tickets can now be processed and completed with just a few clicks. This is particularly crucial for the critical system environments, as it allows minimal response times.”

More Information about the Anveo Service App

Experience new, completely digitized work processes for service technicians. Create a service report and print it out on-site. Take photos for documentation or check spare parts availability. All information is retrieved and captured via app – fully offline without contacting Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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