Anveo Mobile App for Microsoft Dynamics

Experience new mobile working worlds with Anveo

Benefit from a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV experience while you are on the road. Use Microsoft Dynamics (formerly known as Navision) with the Anveo Mobile App on your tablet PC, smart phone and laptop computer – offline capable and independent of the network coverage.

Anveo Mobile Solutions

Anveo Mobile Sales App

Connect your mobile sales team to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/Dynamics NAV. Give your sales personnel access to their debtors, contact details, quotes and orders, product data and stock information and prices. Optimize with the Anveo Mobile App your sales process significantly, for example orders are transmitted directly to your ERP system after the meeting. Save valuable business time.

Anveo Mobile Service App

Support your service technician in their daily work. With the Anveo Mobile Service App your technicians receive a easy access to show all important data, such as service orders, service products and customers from Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC / Dynamics NAV to your tablet PC or smartphone. So you can optimize your processes digital, detailed task description and documentation – including photos, which are also available in Dynamics.

Anveo Mobile is a flexible App Builder for any Application

App Features

The complete setup of Anveo Mobile App is in Microsoft Dynamics. Just a few mouse clicks and you are ready to use the main menu and layout and set up individual views directly in the Web Client, Windows Client or Classic Client of Microsoft Dynamics.

Areas of Application

Do you need an individual app for your special area of application? The requirements for Microsoft Dynamics apps are highly individual: Create your own app with just a few mouse clicks directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC / Dynamics NAV.

Anveo Service App Menue

iPhone Example

Windows Example: Full offline capability for Microsoft Dynamics using Anveo Mobile App

Licensing & Pricing

We offer two flexible licensing models that allow you an affordable entry into the mobile world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central und Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Decide whether you would like to license by user or by solution size – including support hours for a quick start.

Comparison to Microsoft Dynamics App and Microsoft PowerApps

The Right Solution For Every Area Of Application

Selecting the right product can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially for non-developers. Many aspects have to be considered in order to achieve the desired functionality and to find a cost-efficient solution. In our past projects we have actively supported our customers and partners so that we can clearly summarize the most important criteria. These criteria help to decide on the right product: Is offline capability important to me? Do I need a customizable solution?

Microsoft Dynamics App

Dynamics Desktop Processes as a Template, No Mobile Processes

Online Only, Requires stable internet connection

Mobile processes written by Dynamics developers

Implementation with moderate effort

For occasional
mobile use

Microsoft PowerApps

No dynamic templates, Just a Development Environment

Mostly Online,
Limited data caching

Implemented by Dynamics developers and PowerApps experts

Extensive investment and project risk

Optimal for
mini Apps

Anveo Mobile App

Ready-to-use Solutions for mobile Sales and Service Technicians

Always Available due to full offline capability

Setup in Dynamics by users, partners and/or Anveo

Rapid Implementation with less resources

App as a daily
working tool

Download Free App Demo Now

Try Anveo now: Get to know Anveo Mobile App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV / Navision) on your Android, Apple or Windows device for free. We provide a demo app for typical sales and service tasks.

You find the Anveo Mobile App in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store: simply search for Anveo Mobile.

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